Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Photos Of Heather Dubrow's New House Will Make You Jealous

Although Heather Dubrow may no longer be a Housewife, her legacy certainly lives on in the form of her oft-discussed house. Fans of the former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member will remember Dubrow Chateau, her gigantic, 20,000-square-foot mansion, from the tour Heather gave the other 'Wives during Season 11 while the house was under construction. Well, folks, she is finally settled in her home, and if the photos of Heather Dubrow's new house — which she's shared on social media — are any indicator, it's just as opulently extravagant as you can and should expect from everything Heather touches. And yes, the champagne doorbell is completely real.

While Heather has only posted a few pictures of Dubrow Chateau (it's so much fun to say) on her Instagram, every single one of those pictures have been incredible and given fans slightly baffling glances into what it's like to live a true life of over-the-top luxury. And, really, the house is so huge Heather, her husband Terry, and their four children probably wouldn't even notice if I discreetly moved into one of their many bathrooms.

Heather moved into her house last July, and she seemed over the moon about it. "#fbf from walking on our construction site to FINALLY moving in," Heather wrote in the caption of a photo of her and Terry. "T - 3 days and counting ... #heatherdubrowsworld #RHOC #abouttime."

In case anyone is wondering whether that excitement has at all died down, Heather just recently showed off how proud she is of her new gong ("#lovemygong," she wrote in the caption) so I think the answer to that is a solid of course not.

As for the non-gong-related parts of her house, they're amazing too.

To start with, the exterior of Dubrow Chateau gives an idea of what to expect from the inside.

A recent picture of her foyer shows it all done up in flowers (they vary every week), glass, and a glimpse at Heather's Kelly Wearstler sculpture "in the distance."

As promised, the champagne doorbell is maybe the Heather-est thing Heather has ever done. Only the best for the champs queen.

Heather's office, which has a full on Beauty and the Beast ladder and mood lighting, of course, looks spectacular.

The master bath which has a seating area. Honestly, at this point, why not?

Heather says Terry wanted a "HUGE sofa to hang out with the whole family," but I think it definitely has room for more than six people. I'm available, Dubrows!

Obviously no mansion would be complete without a home movie theater.

If that's not enough, Heather also does a weekly web series on her YouTube channel called Heather's Closet where she interviews people, you guessed it, in her closet.

Dubrow Chateau, may you outlive us all. And Heather, if you ever need a roommate, I'll be waiting patiently by the phone.