Sonja Flemming/CBS

Photos Of Jason As A Rodeo Clown Make The 'Big Brother 19' Star Unrecognizable


If you've been watching this season of Big Brother, you may have noticed that Houseguest Jason Dent often wears an orange shirt that says "Whistle-Nut" on the back. It turns out Whistle-Nut is Jason's rodeo clown name. Jason hasn't been shy about his cowboy background and many fans have even begun referring to him as simply "The Cowboy." Now, fans can see photos of Jason as a rodeo clown and some may be surprised by how different he looks while in action.

As Whistle-Nut, Jason wears white paint around his eyes that seems to make a mask. Under his right eye are green spots and by his left eye are green lines. His nose is painted a bright red and he wears the same orange and white shirt he's been seen wearing in the Big Brother house, along with rainbow socks. It's clear Jason's face paint is the signature look of Whistle-Nut and his fans, mainly kids, will also paint their faces to match his.

Though Whistle-Nut has made a name for himself outside of the house, Jason from Big Brother 19 has been able to stay mostly under the radar thus far. As one of the underdogs in the house, Jason has somehow dodged being put up for eviction throughout these past few weeks. Plus, with everyone now gunning for Jessica and Cody, Jason will probably remain safe for at least the next two weeks or more. However, after that he may end up finding himself in trouble.

Jason's only real ally right now is Alex. They were friends with Ramses as well, but after an 8-4 vote sent their friend Jillian home, Alex and Jason turned on Ramses, believing he voted against Jillian. The truth is, it was Kevin that actually flipped his vote, but Alex and Jason refuse to believe Ramses. Now Jason and Alex only have each other and against the couples' alliance, they don't really stand a chance.

Jason and Alex will have to figure out a plan in order to ensure they don't end up on the block soon, and their only real insurance is to become Head of Household or get a temptation from America. Though Jason isn't exactly the most popular Houseguest in the bunch, Alex has definitely garnered enough fans to get offered a temptation. However, will she get one that can actually help keep her and Jason safe? Fans will just have to wait and see.