Photos Of Jessa Duggar As A Mom Are Awesome

Jessa Duggar became a mom for the second time on Feb. 6, when she and husband Ben Seewald announced that they had welcomed another baby boy into their family. In a statement, the couple told People that they were "so happy to announce the arrival of our sweet second son,” and added that they were "so thankful to God for this precious new gift of life and are excited to be a family of four.” Although Duggar's fans are still waiting for her to share her son's name, they don't have to look far, at least, for photos of Jessa Duggar as a mom. In addition to capturing elements of her family life on the TLC reality show Counting On, the third-eldest Duggar daughter regularly posts updates on Instagram, and on the couples' website, TheSeewaldFamily.com

Like a lot of proud mamas, Duggar often posts photos and videos of her first son, 15-month-old Spurgeon Elliot, on her Instagram account, and her most recent post even featured a video of the curly-haired tot saying hi (or, at least attempting to say hi) to Duggar's 1.9 million followers. As for Spurgeon's little bro? He made his official Instagram debut on his mom's account one day after his birth, in a photo that Duggar captioned, "#BabySeewald2 is here and we couldn't be more in love! 😍 "

Duggar's affinity for the social media platform has meant that she's kept her fans updated with photos throughout both of her pregnancies, as well as her adjustment to life as a new mom. These days, that's mostly meant showing off all the ways that a growing Spurgeon has kept her busy throughout her second pregnancy, including shots of her little guy looking super cute in a cart at the grocery store, or showing off a post-bath "man bun" (which he should definitely rock more often, IMO).

Before giving birth to her second child, Seewald also used Instagram to post side-by-side bump comparisons between her first and second pregnancies — and even though some women look different the second time around, Duggar's pregnancies actually looked awfully similar:

Some of Duggar's sweetest shares though are the ones that pretty much all parents everywhere can totally relate to and revel in — like the picture-perfect moments when your little one falls asleep looking so unbelievably angelic that your whole entire heart bursts and you promptly forget that they woke you up at 5 a.m. ready to start their day (or that they threw a huge fit when you gave them milk in a blue cup at breakfast when they obviously wanted the red one):

Duggar even used Instagram to capture the oh-so-cool experience of not only feeling your growing baby move as they kick and squirm during pregnancy, but actually seeing it too, in one particularly awesome video:

And then, of course, there are the mom-and-son-selfies, which are not only super sweet, but a good reminder for all moms everywhere to make sure they actually get in the shot every once in a while! After all, as much as many mothers love to capture plenty of photos of their kids for posterity, it's far too easy to forget that the loving snaps they've actually taken with their kids are probably going to be ones that will mean the most to them when they're older.

Now that Duggar is officially a mom of two little boys, there's no doubt that her followers will likely continue to see lots of photographic updates about her life as she and Seewald adjust to having both a tot and an infant to take care of. But since they've also been totally upfront about their desire to have a big family (not entirely surprising, given that Duggar herself is one of 19), and that they've already looked into the process of adding to their family through adoption, according to Us Weekly, it seems like there will be many, many more beautiful motherhood updates from Duggar still to come.