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Kylie Jenner's Baby Girl Is *So* Beautiful — PHOTOS

Kylie Kardashian fans have been on the edge of their seats for months waiting for someone — anyone! — from her team to confirm that she is pregnant with Travis Scott's baby. This afternoon, not only did they get the confirmation they so desperately have been craving, that Kylie Jenner had a baby girl, but there are already photos of Kylie Jenner's baby on Jenner's youtube channel and as expected, she looks so sweet.

In the super sweet video dedicated to her daughter and shared with her fans, Kylie reveals her pregnancy journey, giving us a glimpse into her ultrasound visits and her affectionate relationship with baby daddy Travis Scott. Throughout the 11 and a half minute tribute, we watch Kylie's body grow, her baby's heart beat in the womb, her beautiful pretty-in-pink baby shower, and more.

We also learn that like every pregnant woman, she is not immune to pregnancy cravings, and as her doctor tells her that if she's going to eat, she should be partaking in some cardio to keep her body healthy. Kylie confesses that her weakness has been IN-N-OUT burgers, and all I can say is, "me too."

What's most sweet about the video is getting to watch how comfortable Kylie is able to be around her and Scott's family and closest friends, out of the public's watchful eye. At some point she's in a buzzing kitchen, piling her plate with food (two burgers, one for her and one for the baby). It's apparent that there are many people around, but she's still able to casually and comfortably tell the cameraman that she's eating for two. Despite how prying the public and paparazzi can be and her celebrity status, she is still entitled to privacy, and it's refreshing to know that she did have a safe haven where she could just relax and be comfortable, honest, and herself.

Here, Kylie is pictured holding Chicago, Kim Kardashian-West's youngest daughter who was born via surrogate. During this clip, Kim not only reveals that they're considering the name Chicago, but also says, "I need to school you on what your vagina's about to feel like... Like, for real," making Kylie's best friend Jordyn Woods and brother Rob Kardashian nervously chuckle. Seriously though, Kim's not joking.

It's obvious that Kylie is rocking a seriously true support team. Her best friends, mom, and more all offer the sweetest messages to Kylie and Travis's newborn daughter, and they make sure to give Kylie major props.

"You've got the best mom, and you're so lucky. This is such a blessing. It's gonna be the most amazing journey. I can't wait to see you, meet you, kiss you, love you... teach you things that maybe only I can teach you, and your mom can teach you the things only she can teach you... It definitely takes a village and I learned that along the way," said Kylie's mama Kris Jenner. No doubt Kris Jenner, aka "Lovey" is excited to add another grandchild to the mix, joining Mason, Penelope, Reign, North, Saint, Chi, and Dream.

Then there is Khloe, Kylie's older sis who was pregnant at the same time. She doesn't say much at all throughout the video, but gives Kylie the biggest hug and has a bump to bump moment with her little sis.

While you can't see Kylie in labor, there is plenty of audio as you hear the doctors and nurses encouraging Kylie to push and hold, telling her that it'll be the last one, and that she's got this as the screen blacks out. And then you see this beautiful shot of Kylie cuddling with her baby girl.

Unfortunately we have to wait to see the baby's precious face, but this tiny snippet of her tiny hands, body and thigh are enough to make your heart melt.

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