Monty Brinton/CBS

Photos Of Natalie Negrotti As A Cheerleader Before 'Big Brother 18' Prove She Has Spirit

by Zakiya Jamal

Every Big Brother houseguest comes into the house with their own share of secrets. Whether or not they decide to divulge those secrets is up to the houseguests, but this far into the game it seems everyone has revealed their secrets to at least one other person in the house. Paulie was the first to oust himself as Cody Calafiore's brother (from Season 16), and since then secrets have been revealed left and right. Recently on the live feeds Natalie revealed she was a cheerleader before Big Brother to James and the Spy Girls. Honestly, with her perky and upbeat personality, this reveal wasn't all that surprising, and it's a wonder why Natalie feels she needs to keep it a secret from the other houseguests.

Although the houseguests didn't know Natalie's "secret", fans have known for a while and have been trying to find some pictures and videos of Natalie as a Jets cheerleader online. Thankfully, Big Brother fans also double as private investigators and they've already found images of Natalie as part of the Jets' Flight Crew. As you can see below, Natalie has the spirit to be a cheerleader, which will certainly only help her moving forward in the game. Someone with a good attitude is someone you want to be around, so hopefully people will keep her around.

Also, if you don't watch the live feeds, you may have missed the dance routine the ladies of the house put together for Zakiyah's birthday, and you may not realize just how good of a dancer Natalie truly is. Thanks to this video of one of her performances from her time on the Flight Crew, it's clear where Natalie got her dance moves from.

Although it's a little difficult to see, Natalie is in the front, on the left, and she's killing it. Natalie admitted to James that she was a professional cheerleader for three years and during part of that time she was also a Sunshine Girl for her cheer team. She, along with another cheerleader, not only cheered on the Jets but cheered on their fellow cheerleaders, as well. In an article for the New York Jets website Natalie discussed how she and Donna baked for each cheerleader's birthday and did other special things for the team throughout the season.

It's clear that Natalie's happy attitude in the house is very genuine and the kindness she shows to other houseguests isn't just for show but is just who she is. Let's hope Natalie continues to keep her upbeat demeanor in the house, and in the meantime, she should rest easy that she has a ton of cheerleaders outside the house.