Photos Of Peyton Manning's Kids, Because The Broncos Quarterback's Offsping Are Too Adorable

It's Super Bowl weekend, so what does that mean? Photos of Peyton Manning's kids, of course! The superstar Denver Broncos quarterback is set to face off against Carolina Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton on Sunday at Super Bowl 50. There's a ton of hype around the game — the Jan. 24 AFC Championship game that paved the way for the Broncos' victory against the New England Patriots was a wicked close nail-biter (as we say in New England). If Broncos' fans are getting nervous about the big Sunday game, here are eight photos of Peyton Manning's adorable 4-year-old twins: son Marshall and daughter Mosley.

Manning and wife Ashley were married in 2001; 10 years later, they welcomed twin children — a boy and a girl — on Mar. 31. Just 10 days prior, Manning became an uncle when his brother, Eli, welcomed his daughter, Ava. The Mannings have been fiercely private about their personal lives: Manning himself doesn't even have an official Twitter or Instagram account (the nerve!). When the twins were born, neither Peyton nor Ashley would actually confirm reports of their birth. As the twins have gotten older, more photos have come out, and the Manning children are just too damn scrumptious. Here are some of our favorites...

Marshall totally stole the spotlight from his daddy at the post-game press conference after the AFC Championship on Jan. 24:

Oh little shy boy, come step out from behind the podium! We won't bite. We just want to gobble up your cuteness.

Oh my jiminy crickets. Those eyes! *melts*

Marshall accompanied his dad to the week 16 game against the Cincinnati Bengals in December:

Marshall and his grandpa, Archie Manning, accepted Manning's Most Valuable Player Award on his behalf at the 2014 Annual NFL Honors:

And backstage at the NFL Honors, a sweet candid photo as Marshall and grandpa watched highlights of Manning's career:

Oh look! It's ovaries exploding everywhere whenever Manning brings his kids to practice:

You might notice that there aren't many photos out there of little Mosley, Manning's daughter. Turns out, she's pretty shy, too. Dainty Mosley played coy at the 2015 ESPY Awards, for which her dad won the Best Record Breaking Performance Award.

As Manning faces off against the Panthers on Super Bowl Sunday, we know that little Marshall and Mosley will be cheering their daddy on like there's no tomorrow — and they're going to look adorable doing it, too.

Super Bowl 50 airs at 6:30 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, Feb. 7 on CBS.