Photos Of Royal Kids In Sweaters That Are Just Too Cute

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Sweater weather is likely in full swing where you live, and if you're anything like me, you have a full Pinterest board of cute, fall outfits for your kiddos. If you're in search of more inspiration, the royal kids' cutest sweaters from over the years are the perfect looks to copy this season. Whether they're layered over a dress, paired with a button-up underneath, or standing alone as a shirt, the royals have perfected the look.

Along with adorable smiles and silly antics, the royal babies are known for being style icons from their very first public appearances. And with the often unpredictable weather in the UK, the royal family often goes out wearing layers. Cute little cardigans are a staple in the wardrobes of the youngest royals, and for good reason.

All three of Prince William and Kate Middleton's children — along with their cousin Archie — are often seen out and about in sweaters. The older royal kiddos, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, even wore matching blue sweaters to their school as a part of their uniform.

Lockdown has kept the royal family a bit more out of the limelight than usual lately, so there aren't many fashion moments to gush over from 2020. But fortunately, there are plenty of old photos to tide you over.

Ruby Red

Prince George's outfit combination was made instantly 100% cuter with the addition of this little, red cardigan.

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Prince George's Peter Pan collar peaking out of this all-white outfit is almost too cute for words.

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Matching Mom

The royal family often styles their outfits to complement one another, and the color coordination between Prince George and Kate Middleton in this photo is perfection.

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Technically A Robe, But Oh Well

Is that technically a bathrobe and not a sweater? Yes. Did I include it because Prince George shaking hands with President Obama while wearing the coziest of clothes is too iconic to omit? Also yes.

Just squint a little and pretend with me, folks.

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Prince George peeking out of a window in that navy sweater with his nanny is a look that we should all recreate with our own kids, in my humble opinion.

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Baby Blue

Blue seems to be a favorite color of the royal family and his matching outfits with dad are blue-tiful.

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Solid & Plaid

Another layered look, Prince George's plaid button-up paid with a knit sweater is the perfect mix of textures and patterns.

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A Bit Darker

Another variation on the last outfit, the plaid and navy mix simply works.

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Sweaters & Shorts

Another angle of the navy sweater outfit shows that shorts can indeed be paired with sweaters. Make a note of that, friends.

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School Uniform

While the royals didn't get to choose the uniform that Prince George wore to school, they certainly made the most of it.

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Under A Blazer

Sweaters aren't just for the top layer. As this outfit proves, sweaters look stellar underneath of a buttoned blazer.

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Along with a painfully cute maroon sweater, Princess Charlotte's outfit carries the color throughout her outfit. From her hair bow, to her cardigan, to her shoes; the color continuity makes the outfit cohesive.

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In The Car

While puffy coats are a no-go for riding in carseats for safety reasons, sweaters are the perfect way to keep kiddos warm and out of danger in the car.

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Little Lamb

If this little lamb sweater came in my size, you better believe I would be rocking it. But, alas, Princess Charlotte's clothes are a lot cuter than mine will ever be.

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Navy, Like Her Brother

George isn't the only one who can rock the heck out of navy blue. Princess Charlotte pulls off the color well over her flower print dress.

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Another School Uniform

Like her older brother, Princess Charlotte wears a sweater as a part of her school uniform. I'm not sure whose is cuter.

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Here's one more photo of the royal siblings in their school uniforms for good measure. The matching sweaters are picture perfect.

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Short-Sleeved Sweaters

Sweaters come in all shapes and sizes, as Prince Louis shows here. A good knit short-sleeved sweater is the perfect versatile piece.

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Going Green

Like his siblings, little Prince Louis also wears sweaters while riding in his car seat. But this emerald green sweater is a bit different from the blues that his brother seems to prefer.

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Baby Archie, Too

Laying overalls over a light sweater is a timeless fall look, but I can't believe anyone can pull it off better than baby Archie.

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Sweet In Stripes

The trio of royal siblings stepped out on the red carpet in Dec. 2020 wearing the most fashionable clothes. Prince Louis looked absolutely dashing in his blue button up sweater coat, while Princess Charlotte opted for a plaid sweater dress, and oldest sibling, Prince George donned a striped sweater.


Stick To The Classics

Prince Louis knows the importance of sticking to the classics, like this red cable knit sweater, which is perfect for every winter occasion.

It just makes him look so grown up.


Layering Is Key

Take it from Prince Louis. When it comes to wearing sweaters, layering is key — especially if it is cold outside. Prince Louis' sweater, layered on top of a lighter colored collared shirt, provides a great contrast to shake up the average sweater look.

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Accessorize, Accessorize

Accessorizing is key, especially in the colder months. Although those sweaters can be hidden underneath bulkier layers like coats, Princess Charlotte's green jacket shows that your outfit can be chic all the time, even if it's hidden.

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A Formal Look

Prince George might just be the king of layering. When it came time for Christmas service in 2019, Prince George opted for a formal look, layering his dark blue blazer over a sweater on top of a collared shirt. While this look might be a little more formal for the oldest Cambridge sibling, he wears it perfectly.

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Blue Buttons

Everyone loves a cardigan sweater, including Prince Louis, who opted for a heavier blue button down cardigan sweater while stepping out on the red carpet with his family.

The royal family has quite a few signature styles that tend to show up time and again in their looks. It's safe to say that layered sweaters are one of those signatures, at least for the little ones. This is an easy look to recreate for your own kids, and now you have plenty of inspiration!

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