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Photos Of The Private Birthing Suites At Lenox Hill Show Why Beyonce Could Be Considering Them

Getting ready for a birth is a stressful way to end nine-or-so months of waiting. For some, aesthetics and comfort play a big part on where a couple chooses to deliver their little one. Photos of the private birthing suites at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, for instance, prove that Beyoncé's firstborn, Blue Ivy, was definitely delivered in style. Many are wondering, then, will Bey give birth to the twins at Lenox Hill, too? Big sister Blue Ivy got the star treatment, so why shouldn't her new siblings?

Seriously though, one look at Lenox Hill's rooms and you'll see that they're totally to die for. The Lenox Hill birthing suites, which were renovated in 2012, have all the amenities you could ever want (and more). You've got plush couches and chairs, four flatscreen TVs, and plenty of square footage for Blue to pal around in. In addition to a useful kitchenette, the suites also have bedrooms for partners (and big-sisters-to-be) to take quick rests in, should they be afforded the opportunity, along with two bathrooms. A sleek white, chocolate, and light blue color scheme pulls everything together. The birthing suites run about $2,400 per night — a price tag fit for a queen.

You can see some shots of the suite below, flat screens and all:

But is it really likely that Beyoncé will deliver here again? In Touch claims that, according to a source, the Knowles-Carter twins will reportedly be born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles instead, so it would seem that Lenox Hill is off the table. Romper has reached out to a representative for Beyoncé regarding these reports but has not yet heard back.

The couple, according to the source, has reportedly scheduled a C-section at the center, and their anticipated stay will be far from cheap. Estimates show that Cedars-Sinai birthing suites costs run the gamut, all the way from $2,847 to $5,000 and more — a step up from Lenox Hill, even. HollywoodLife claimed that, according to an insider, Bey and Jay reportedly upgraded their Cedars-Sinai suite ahead of time, replacing the bed, adding more seating for guests, putting together a play area for Blue, and installing blackout drapes for privacy.

Pregnancy can be extremely uncomfortable, so it's no surprise that Beyoncé is putting in the work beforehand to ensure that her delivery is both smooth and sophisticated. Whether she has her twins on the West Coast or the East, Bey's twins will have quite a stylish birth in the swankiest of accommodations.