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Photos Of The Queen's Apartments In Windsor Castle Show That The Queen Is Living Large


Queen Elizabeth II, also known as the Queen of the United Kingdom, has a pretty decent life (to put it lightly). Not only is she royalty but she has the honor of living in multiple castles — like, real historical castles. The queen's property portfolio is massive — she gets the honor of living in Buckingham Palace but also gets to vacation in other castles, like Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently got married. In order to understand the kind of luxury that the queen lives in, photos of the queen's apartments in Windsor Castle shows that the royal family lives in the lap of luxury.

When people think of an apartment, they typically think of a small space with maybe two bedrooms at most, decorated with some Ikea furniture. But the queen isn't like any other person and her apartments are unlike any other apartment. Some wouldn't even begin to call them apartments — it's hard to believe that they're even considered to be apartments.

Windsor Castle is the largest occupied castle in the world, according to the official website of the royal family. While the queen doesn't live in Windsor Castle full time, she usually spends the weekend there, in one of the apartments. When you see photos of the collection of rooms known as the "state apartments" which form the centerpiece of the castle, according to Royal Collection Trust, you can see why the queen wants to spend her weekends there.

Just look at how gorgeous it is.

So who lives in the apartments inside of Windsor Castle? Inside Windsor Castle, there are two types of apartments, according to the Royal Family — state apartments and private residences. The state apartments host overseas monarchs and presidents when they come to visit. But those who live and work within the castle include the the Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle, the Dean of Windsor, as well as the Superintendent of Windsor Castle and his staff, among others, according to the official website of the royal family.

They're lucky to live in the castle — I mean, take a look at the state apartments decorated for Christmastime.

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Windsor Castle has about 1,000 rooms, according to Express since, you know, it is a castle. It is not only the home to those who are lucky to call it home but it also hosts many major events, both private and public ones, held by the queen. But the castle, which has been continuously inhabited for over a period of nearly 1,000 years is meant to be lived in, according to the royal family's official website. As soon as the queen came into the throne in 1952, according to Express, she declared that it would be her weekend home and modernized the private apartments, which had become "dilapidated," according to Express.

But people shouldn't expect to see much of the private residences and other personal apartments inside Windsor Castle, according to MSN. This is because the private apartments are "hardly ever photographed" — likely for a good reason. People who live in such a famous and popular castle likely want to keep their privacy, rather than have people peer into their living space (no one likes an uninvited guest).

But those who are itching to at least get a glimpse inside Windsor Castle's state apartments have the opportunity to do so for a few months out of the year. Every year, the queen allows visitors to come and see the state apartments (with the purchase of a ticket, of course). This year, the apartments are open from the months of July through September, according to Royal Collections.

Even though people can't just rent out an apartment in Windsor Castle and call the queen their landlady (or, in this case, their "land majesty"), getting a glimpse inside of the state apartments at Windsor Castle is just as sweet.