Thomas Rhett and wife, Lauren Akin, are due with their third child just one week after the 2020 Gram...
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Please Enjoy These Ah-dorable Photos Of Thomas Rhett With His Kids

by Casey Suglia

Thomas Rhett is more than a beloved country music superstar and Grammy Award nominee — he's a loving hubby and devoted dad of two, soon-to-be three. And looking through photos of Thomas Rhett with his kids, it's clear that being a family man is perhaps his favorite title of all.

Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins are currently expecting their third daughter together, who's due on Feb. 3, almost one week after the 62nd Grammy Awards. This year, Rhett is nominated in the Best Country Album category for Center Point Road. While it's still TBD on whether his wife and daughters will join him at the 2020 Grammys on Sunday night, the family of four did walk the red carpet together at the 2019 CMA Awards, so fingers crossed they do so again. After all, Rhett's two adorable daughters — Willa, 4, and Ada, 2 — did steal the show as his dates.

The country music super star often gushes about fatherhood, having been open about his and Akins' journey to adopting Willa from Uganda in 2017 and welcoming Ada into the world shortly after. And when you look through photos of him with his two daughters, it's abundantly clear that family means the world to him.

Party Of 4

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Last year, Rhett and Akins took Willa and Ada with them as their dates to the 53rd CMA Awards in November 2019. While the two little girls shined in their adorable dresses, Rhett admitted to Entertainment Tonight that he had been afraid to bring them along. "We brought them on the red carpet," he said. "I didn't know what they would do, but they did great."

Since the two little girls handled it so well, hopefully this means they will show up at the Grammys, too.

Music Video Stars

Rhett released the official music video for his song "Remember You Young" in September 2019, but released a personal music video for it two months later in November. The video is comprised of sweet home movie clips starring Rhett's two daughters.

Matchy Matchy

For the past two Christmases, Rhett has posted the funniest photos of his extended family members wearing matching pajamas and stacked on top of each other in a pyramid formation. And his girls obviously got in on the fun, too.

More Matching PJs

This sweet family clearly loves a matching moment. In August, just one month before Halloween, Rhett posted the cutest photo of his daughters wearing matching Halloween pajamas.

Kisses For Dad

If you weren't convinced that Rhett's daughters were total sweethearts, look no further than this cute photo of them kissing their dad on the cheek.

Flounder, Ariel & Prince Eric For The Win

Rhett and his girls won Halloween 2019 when they dressed up as characters from The Little Mermaid. Rhett made a fantastic Prince Eric, while Willa was the perfect little Ariel and Ada was an adorable Flounder.

Hitting The Road With Dad

When Rhett went on tour in 2019, his kids were able to come along for the ride. Rhett told ABC News Radio in June that life on the road with two kids under the age of 4 is a little chaotic. "It is very stressful, I feel like, to travel with your kids and still know that, like, you're waking up at six, and you're also playing a show that night," he said.

Dad & Daughter Studio Time

Over the summer, Rhett took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of Willa recording music. "Look out world," he captioned the photo.


Like most of us, Rhett and his girls also love to relax and just chill out on the couch.

Family Vaca Time

In between stops on the road, Rhett, Akins, and their daughters took a moment to document their family travels together.

Fishing With Dad

While Willa and Ada don't seem to love the sport just yet, Rhett looks absolutely thrilled to introduce fishing to his daughters.

The Great Outdoors

"World travelers... they were both really happy in this pic I promise," Rhett captioned this sweet photo of him with his daughters near the mountains.

Patriotic Cuties

Rhett and his family seem to love celebrating holidays in style, like this past Fourth of July when they all got decked out in red, white, and blue.

Practice Makes Perfect

OK, so their downward facing dog pose isn't perfect, but this photo of the whole family doing yoga together certainly is.

Monster Inc. Fam For The Win

For Halloween 2018, Rhett and his family absolutely owned their costumes when they all dressed up as characters from the Disney Pixar film, Monsters Inc.

Visiting The Happiest Place On Earth

Rhett and his family got to see all of their favorite Disney characters in person when they took a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida in June 2018.


Rhett's daughters are, without a doubt, his biggest fans. The girls literally got to cheer him on from the sidelines when he played during the halftime show for the Dallas Cowboys football game on Thanksgiving in November 2017. Who knows, hopefully they'll show off what they learned at the 2020 Grammys.