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Photos Of Trump Standing Behind Clinton At The Debate Are Hilariously Creepy & Awkward

Raise your hand if you're still recovering from Sunday night's presidential debate. *Raises hand* To quote Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton from the first presidential debate: "Whoo! Okay." — followed by her GIF-tastic shoulder shimmy. Clinton handily won the second presidential debate — but Republican candidate Donald Trump won the prize for Creepiest-Looking Candidate of the night. Photos of Trump standing behind Clinton at the debate are the visual embodiment of everything that people find creepy about the toupee-adorned "billionaire." They are also 100 percent certifiably meme-worthy, and the internet has been quick to unleash its devastating Schadenfreude without remorse.

Why was Trump wandering around the debate stage in the first place? Sunday's format was a town hall style debate that allowed the candidates to walk freely around the stage to address a carefully curated audience of undecided voters. Both candidates had chairs, but no podiums — although Trump seems to have missed the memo that said he could have sat down whenever he wanted. My guess is that Trump stood for the entire 90-minute debate Sunday night after widespread criticism for leaning on his podium at the first debate while calling Clinton's "stamina" into question at the same time. But Trump's overcompensating body language at the second presidential debate was just a weird mix of hilarious, creepy, and awkward. See for yourself.

"Me And My Shaaaaaadow"

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Trump looks like he's impatiently waiting in line for his PSL at Starbucks, stuck behind the woman who's ordering a ristretto quad latte with coconut milk AND half and half and still can't decide which cake pop she wants.

Donald Trump: Human Hovercraft?

There is so much awkward in this photo I can't stand it.

Trump's Not Sleeping — He's Just Resting His Eyes

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At least he had the courtesy to not snore while Clinton spoke.

The Looming Jump Scare

All this moment needed was the iconic staccato strings from Psycho backing it.

Trump Tosses Insults, Lies, & Cookies

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Every time I see this photo, I can't help but think of that scene from the first Austin Powers movie with Dr. Evil's possessed chair, when actor Mike Meyers said, "Sick as a dog. Okay, okay — gonna vomit."

WTF Is He Doing To That Chair?!

This photo of Trump — doing whatever it is that he's doing to that chair — has already gone viral and has prompted a hysterical "Trump and his chair" Photoshop battle on that just keeps getting better with each new submission. This picture is the winner winner chicken dinner of the debate, and, as one Twitter user pointed out, might just be the "best picture of the entire election."

Only 28 more days to go, folks.