Photos & Video of the Stockholm Truck Crash

According to the BBC, a truck drove into a store in central Stockholm on Friday, killing at least three people. The BBC also reported that shots were fired. The photos and video of the Stockholm truck crash are shocking, and they were making the rounds on Twitter quickly Friday morning.

The BBC reported that several people were injured in the incident on Drottninggatan (Queen Street), a major pedestrian street in the city. The New York Times reported that the driver seemed to steer his vehicle toward a crowd of people first, before driving it into a department store. That outlet reported two deaths, citing local news outlets.

The New York Times also reported that the Swedish prime minister, Stefan Lofven, said that everything about the event suggested that it was in fact a terrorist attack, but news is still developing about the incident. The StarTribune reported that the prime minister stated one person was arrested, but didn't give further details.

Sweden's intelligence agency said “a large number” of people were wounded, according to The New York Times. And The Daily Mail reported that "dozens were believed to have been injured," but there is no word yet on the exact number of injuries.

In addition, The Daily Mail reported that there are reports of shots at a second location, with police in the city shutting down Swedish Central Station. The BBC also reported that news, quoting security correspondent Frank Gardner, who cited security sources. But it is not yet clear whether the two incidents are connected or not.

Photos and video of the incident are being shared on Twitter, with various media outlets reporting on the news and witnesses beginning to give statements on the attack as developments unfold.

Police and security forces are a strong presence at the scene in the photos, and shots of pedestrians comforting one another and reacting to the event are emerging as well. All of the photos are hard to look at, and some are graphic, so caution is advised when seeking out news of the attack.

The Daily Mail reported that armed individuals were later seen running into Stockholm's Central railway station and opening fire. Additionally, there are reports that two people may have been stabbed there as well, the Daily Mail reported. This is clearly an ongoing situation, as police have shut that station down to investigate and the site has been evacuated.

"There is total confusion. Many people are totally shocked," Leif Arnmar — an eyewitness to the attack — told Swedish national broadcaster SVT, according to the BBC.

The New York Times reported that Parliament has been locked down, train service in the city stopped, and that the police have blocked off the affected area. People are being advised to remain at home, and hopefully, no more injuries or casualties will result from this attack.