'Pick Of The Litter' On Disney+ Will Have The Whole Fam Rooting For These 6 Cute Pups

While Disney+ subscribers aren't likely to be struggling for something to watch anytime soon, the new streaming service already has plans to debut an adorable new docu-series next month. Pick of the Litter on Disney+ follows six Labrador Retrievers as they train to become guide dogs with Guide Dogs for the Blind. And while six wiggly puppies seem like reason enough to add the upcoming series to your list of must-watch shows, Pick of the Litter is also a great opportunity for kids to learn about the important work guide dogs do. What's more, the series is also a surprisingly suspenseful tale full of ups and downs.

Although based on an award-winning 2018 documentary of the same name, Pick of the Litter is an original Disney+ series. Over the course of six episodes, it introduces viewers to Paco, Pacino, Tartan, Tulane, Amara, and Raffi — six Labrador Retrievers training with Guide Dogs for the Blind volunteers for what Disney+ has called "the ultimate canine career."

With facilities in both California and Oregon, Guide Dogs for the Blind is the largest Guide Dog school in the country, according to the nonprofit's official website. Since their founding in 1942, Guide Dogs for the Blind has graduated more than 14,000 teams and currently has approximately 2,200 active guide dog teams in the field.

But as Pick of the Litter shows, becoming a guide dog isn't easy and not every pup is suited to take on the job. "It's really hard to become a guide dog," a narrator said in the series' official trailer. "It takes a very special, confident dog to be able to do this job."

To become a guide dog, the six puppies must complete 20 months of training with Guide Dogs for the Blind as well as pass a series of evaluations, all of which is documented in Disney+'s Pick of the Litter. "We are delighted that the series captures both sides of the harness by showcasing the people who love, train, and are paired with [Guide Dogs for the Blind] dogs," Guide Dogs for the Blind said in a statement about the docu-series shared on its website.

So which puppies will have what it takes to make it as a guide dog? You'll have to tune in when the docu-series premieres on Dec. 20 to find out.