Pillsbury's Edible Snoopy Cookie Dough Is Almost Too Cute To Eat (Almost)

by Morgan Brinlee

As autumn settles in, there's no better treat for crisp, cool days than warm, freshly baked cookies. But between Zoom work meetings and navigating kids' remote schooling, who has time for cookies made from scratch anymore? Thankfully, Pillsbury has fall cookies covered with their Pillsbury's Snoopy Shape Sugar Cookie Dough, which can be eaten raw or baked, making it the perfect fall treat.

Pillsbury is celebrating fall with the release of Snoopy Shape Sugar Cookie Dough. Nestled inside an appropriately-colored orange box that features Snoopy chomping on a cookie while sitting atop his dog house as leaves fall around him, each Ready to Bake cookie features a profile view of Snoopy's adorable face.

But your family doesn't have to bake Pillsbury's Snoopy Shape Sugar Cookie Dough if you don't want to. Thanks to a "safe to eat raw" formula Pillsbury rolled out earlier this year, this fall treat can be enjoyed straight from the box, no baking required.

While most cookie dough isn't safe to eat raw due to the presence of uncooked flour and eggs, Pillsbury's line of "Safe To Eat Raw" Ready to Bake Cookie Dough products contain heat treated flour and pasteurized eggs, making them safe for consumption raw or baked. In fact, on its website, Pillsbury explicitly stated there were no food safety risks when eating its "Safe To Eat Raw" cookie or brownie dough products.

But while their manufacturing process may have changed, Pillsbury swears their Ready To Bake Cookie Dough products still produce the same great tasting cookies. "Our recipe has not changed so our cookies have the same delicious taste you love, now with the added benefit of being safe to eat raw," the company said on its website.

Instagrammers @CandyHunting and @Junkpickers were among the first to reveal Pillsbury's newest fall treat over the weekend. While @Junkpickers reported finding the cookie dough at their local Wegmans Food Markets, one commenter on @CandyHunting's post said they'd found the treat at their local Meijer grocery.

Customers will find 20 pre-cut cookies in each pack of Pillsbury's Snoopy Shape Sugar Cookie Dough. So pop a few Snoopy Shape Sugar Cookies into the oven and turn on It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for the perfect fall night in.