15 Gross AF Obsessions People Have (You've Been Warned)

Shocking videos are hardly a new thing for the internet, but a fresh category of icky has popped up in recent years. Watching pimple popping videos, and other gross things people are obsessed with, might have you screaming in disgust one minute and obsessing the next. Because there's something super compelling about these videos that makes it impossible for people to turn away.

The popularity of pimple popping videos is kind of intense, with some videos boasting millions of views. Maybe they tap into a primal grooming instinct or maybe people just have strong stomachs. Whatever the case, popaholics are a huge demographic. And ,like any other internet interest, popping videos have their own variety of categories and subcategories. In addition to the basic pimple pops, there are blackhead extractions, pore strip peels, ingrown hair removals, ear wax expulsions, blister bursts, and cysts that cease to exist. And it's all grosser than you ever imagined.

But don't let these images inspire you to start your own series. Many of the videos below feature people picking at potentially infected skin blemishes without gloves or sterile instruments. That's even scarier than the stuff flying out of pores. Don't risk the infection and see a doctor for help.

(Seriously: these videos are not appropriate for all readers, so if you have a weak stomach, turn away now. I'm pretty immune to gross-out images, but some of these left me queasy. Consider yourself warned. )\


Professional Pimple Popping

Probably the most famous person on the pimple popping scene is Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper. She's a dermatologist who films pimple, blackhead, and cyst removals from her office. A genuine enthusiasm for her work comes through in the vids, many of which are as educational as they are horrifying. A recent compilation video, Dr. Pimple Popper Pops Are Extra Special On July 4th, shows off some of Lee's biggest hits. Some are pretty gory, but at least you know the people being treated are under the care of a competent doctor.


Amateur Pimple Popping

Amateur popping videos are also worth the watch. This selection of flying pimples in ears from the All Pimples Of The World channel will make you want to obsessively wash your ears for the next hour or so. Be prepared to gasp.


Basic Blackhead Removals

Blackhead removals are in a class all their own. This blackhead removal video from the All Pimples of the Earth channel will remind you of little volcanoes. Some of those suckers just keep going and going.


Close Up Blackhead Removals

Get a closer look at pore goo than any magnifying mirror could provide. The blackheads removal close up from Abalone Chicken Soup shows a blemish extractor cruising around someone's face in gigantic detail. The stuff that pours out is displayed in graphic detail.


Blackhead Vacuum Extractions

Not all blemishes are removed with extractor tools or fingers. This vacuum blackhead video, courtesy of nightking leong, shows a unique way to clean out pores. The little suction device does seem to pull out quite a bit of gunk.


Pore Strip Peel Reveals

Don't forget about pore strips. The blackheads removal with pore strips video from LazoyBrittny Hass is straight and to the point. The strip unearths some gnarly pore stuff.


Face Mask Removals

If the pore strips aren't intense enough, graduate to the world of face mask removal vids. Lauren Lee's DIY blackhead mask pulls all kinds of stuff from pores. It makes you want to grab some charcoal tabs ASAP.


Ingrown Hair Extractions

Clogged pores don't get to have all the fun. The ingrown hair removal video from Josefa M. REINA shows hidden hairs getting plucked from beneath the skin. Get ready to shriek.


Ear Wax Removals

Of course ear wax removal videos are a thing, too. A super ear wax removal vid from the Auburn Medical Group will teach you all about cerumen, AKA ear wax. A blocked ear canal is disgustingly impressive.


Blister Popping

There's also a whole genre of blister vids. The blood blister ones were too grody for me, but this blister pop video from Chad Riley isn't too graphic. Although there is some squirting involved.


Foot Peeling

Foot peel masks remove tremendous amounts of skin from the feet over time. OhhMyAnnie's foot peel mask proves these things can make your feet shed like crazy. It must feel so nice when all the skin comes off, though.


Cyst Removals

Cyst removal is not for the faint of heart, because it can veer into surgery territory. But if you're curious, the raining cysts video from Dr. John Gilmore Fans is a good place to start. How often do you get to watch an epidermoid cyst removal and listen to a cover of "November Rain" at the same time?


Old Pimple Popping

Some skin conditions hang around for so long, their ages get taken into consideration. The 30-year-old cyst explosion from ViralHog is one example. It's the kind of thing you find in the weird part of YouTube.


Dilated Pore Of Winer Removals

The dilated pore of Winer (DPOW) is basically a big-ass blackhead that may require surgical removal. As the DPOW! Top Pops 2017 from World's Greatest Medical & Fitness shows, these creatures can come in all shapes and sizes. Brace yourself: there's some graphic stuff in this one.


Whitehead Extractions

This mild form of acne gets its own category of removal vids. The whitehead extraction video from PoppyTV is nearly 30 minutes of removal action set to soothing background music. Not going to lie: it's kind of hypnotic. Who knew closed comedones could be so fascinating?