Pineapple Christmas Trees Are The Newest Holiday Trend & They're So Festively Cute

Many holiday trends and traditions (especially during Christmas) might seem a little out there to some. Growing up, I knew a family that would leave pickles for Santa instead of cookies and thought that was pretty different, although it was likely linked to some tradition. But the best thing about the holidays is that these traditions and trends are unique to each family. And they don't have to make sense. However, this year's holiday trend might be the most unique yet. This year, pineapple Christmas trees are the newest holiday trend, and it could not be any more strange or any more amazing.

Although the fruit is traditionally associated with tropical climates, there is nothing like a little wishful thinking when you're doing your holiday shopping in 30 degree weather and snowed in during the holiday season. While one would have expected this trend to have a symbolic meaning or have started for a specific reason, according to Thrillist, it is just that — a trend. One person on Pinterest shared a photo of their decorated pineapple and others followed suit.

Since then, people have shared their own photos of these decorated pineapples on social media, showing you how invested people have become with this funky trend. Their ideas might even inspire you to decorate a pineapple of your own with items you have lying around the house. Like right now. Here's what people have done so far:




OK, so pineapple Christmas trees might not be the most traditional holiday trend, but they definitely have their benefits. These trees are virtually waste free. Each year, people throw out their traditional Christmas trees and fake Christmas trees aren't something people enjoy forever. But with a pineapple Christmas tree, you can not only decorate it, but enjoy eating it after the holidays are over, too. Not only can you actually enjoy this (year round, too) but due to their size, you can put a pineapple Christmas tree virtually anywhere — like on your desk at work, in your kitchen, in your bedroom, and in your living room. And with this year's Christmas tree shortage (and subsequent price hike), pineapple trees are definitely a budget-friendly option.

Decorating these trees is simple and super kid-friendly. All you need are some battery-powered lights, tinsel, and a few of your ornaments lying around to easily decorate it. While you might not trust your child to decorate your tree with your family's heirlooms, you could trust them in helping you decorate a pineapple because there really is nothing to lose.

Vloggers Ciera+Matthew even partook in the trend, documenting it for their audience. "I thought this would be perfect since we live by the beach now," Ciera said. "This is perfect for us, having a pineapple Christmas tree." In the video, Ciera shows herself decorating the tree with fairy lights. "That was so fun to do and hopefully we can make this a tradition," Ciera said.

While this might seem a little random, pineapples have a purpose in your home (other than to be eaten). Having a pineapple as decoration in the home, according to Southern Living, dates back to the colonial times where the pineapple was seen as a status symbol. Now, pineapples are a symbol of hospitality and are seen as a "welcoming motif," according to Apartment Therapy, which is why you might see so many pineapples in hotel lobbies. If you're expecting guests into your home this holiday season, placing a pineapple or decorated pineapple tree into the entryway of your home could serve more than one purpose.

For holiday decorating in a pinch, the pineapple tree comes in handy. And if anyone dares to criticize your unique tree, then they're so not with the times. The best things about holiday traditions and trends is that they don't have to make sense, they just have to capture the holiday spirit. You really can't say you don't feel festive after looking at (or decorating) a pineapple Christmas tree.

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