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These Selfies Pink Took On A Plane With Her Baby Are Too Cute

It's no secret that Pink is one of the most beloved celebrity moms in the game. For starters, Pink is incredibly candid about everyday parenting issues and she couldn't care less about what her critics think (remember that time she slammed a stranger who shamed her for breastfeeding in public?). But best of all, Pink regularly shares cute snaps of her two kids, Willow and Jameson, to social media. And a perfect example of this is Pink's airplane photos with her son, a treasure trove of new snaps which will definitely be a big hit with moms everywhere. Saddle up for some major cuteness, people.

On Sunday, Pink took to Instagram to share five adorable selfies of herself and 1-year-old Jameson aboard an airplane. And it's absolutely clear from the photos that Pink, who often flies around the globe for performances and work meetings, has clearly mastered the art of flying with an infant. Not only does Jameson have a bottle in his grasp (way to come prepared and ready to multitask, Pink), but he's obviously amused by the cellphone camera and selfie-taking.

Of course, it goes without saying that cellphones can be a great tool to keep a young kid occupied (I bet every parent has used this hack before), especially when you're on a metal tube with no escape. And although Pink could have easily maintained Jameson's good mood with a video or game on the phone (not that there's anything wrong with that), she opted for a sweet photoshoot instead, titled, "Airplane Series." Needless to say, the series turned out fantastic.

When I first saw these pics, my mood was immediately boosted, and not just because I like Pink and find her kids adorable. Mostly, my heart did a little happy dance because the photos remind me of all the selfies I've taken with the kids I've babysat and tutored throughout the years.

At one point, during the height of my child care days, my photos were just of me and my beloved charges. Even just thinking about my catalog of pics gets me a bit teary-eyed because of how much has changed since I first snapped those photos. And I'm sure it's a safe bet that a lot of moms (and relatives, sitters, etc.) are loving Pink's "Airplane Series" for the same reason.

In fact, I bet a lot of mommas out there are reaching for their phones right now. Memories, right?

And unsurprisingly, there are a lot of people who love the photos just as much as I do. "My god, I love everything about those photos @pink - #Motherhood is everything it’s supposed to be and more," one fan wrote in the post's comments section. Another person chimed in, "You’re an amazing mom...love watching you enjoying them so much... they grow up so fast. My babies are 21 and 18 now and will be leaving the nest soon. I am so grateful to of been blessed with the gift of motherhood. Thanks for sharing."

Additionally, it's great to see Pink taking advantage of her one-on-one time with little Jameson. As any parent of multiple kids already knows, it can be difficult to snag special time bonding time with each child, especially when you're super busy.

The good news is Pink is very aware of how siblings can feel jealous about sharing attention.

Pink told Ellen DeGeneres about Willow's initial struggle with Jameson, according to PEOPLE:

I literally put Jameson down when she walks in the room. [Willow is] a little weepy these days so we’re working it out.

Considering how Pink has to watch how doting she is with Jameson when Willow is around, I bet she really enjoyed this solo time with him. These pics just scream bonding moment, right?

So, to sum it all up, I think I can speak for moms everywhere when I say, keep the photos comin' Pink. Your fans, especially those with kids, love seeing you in mommy-mode, especially when you're on a airplane (aka a typically dreaded means of transportation for parents).

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