Pink's Convo With Her Daughter About Losing Her First Tooth Is The Cutest

Now that the total social eclipse is done, how is one to spend their day? Why, by watching adorable videos of kids being funny, of course! Luckily, singer and overall badass mom Pink has provided us with a brand new gem of cuteness of a milestone every parent encounters. So, sit back, relax, and watch this new video of Pink's daughter about to lose her tooth because it'll definitely perk you up on this Monday.

In the video of Pink's daughter, Willow — which she shared on Instagram with the caption "Tooth chronicles" — the 6-year-old girl wiggles her two loose teeth for the camera while on tour with the rest of her family in London. Pink and her husband, former BMX pro biker Carey Hart, ask Willow when she thinks her tooth will come out, with Hart teasing her that he thinks she'll lose it sooner rather than later. "I bet it comes out while you're asleep tonight!" he says, while Willow hilariously responds, "Because of you!"

Turns out that young Willow does not want her dad pulling out her loose tooth with dental floss, especially not while she's asleep. Even when he offers to bet her the money that the Tooth Fairy will give that he can get it out for her, she knows just how to keep that loose tooth in its socket. After all, she informs her dad, "I sleep with my mouth closed."

Watch the adorable exchange below:

It's no secret that Pink loves sharing photos and videos of her children on social media. And thank goodness for that, because the singer's two young kids are adorable. In addition to Willow, Pink and Hart are parents to 8-month-old baby Jameson, who has been regularly lighting up Pink's Instagram feed with his smile since he made his way into the world last December.

The two kids clearly enjoy each other's company, which must come in handy when the family is all traveling together on a tour bus so Pink can perform. Right before sharing the tooth-wiggling video, Pink put up a photo of Willow and Jameson bouncing around together as they sped down the road, captioning it, "Tour bus Life."

And when Pink's not sharing proud pictures of Willow at her first BMX race, or videos of Jameson's amazing laugh, the singer is getting real about motherhood. She's been particularly open about breastfeeding as a working mom, and how she manages to fit it into the day even while, say, all glammed up for a concert. (Think lots and lots of multitasking.)

Here's hoping Pink keeps on sharing. After all, we want to see how Willow handled this visit from the Tooth Fairy.