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Pink’s Super Bowl Outfit Is *Fierce*

As a longtime Pink fan, I've always looked up to this lady's sense of fashion (even back when that sense of fashion included striped armbands and questionable cargo pants). So I was excited to see Pink's Super Bowl outfit on Sunday evening because while her days of mesh everything and awkward fedoras might be over, Pink's sense of style is always one-of-a-kind and just straight-up cool. You never know, really, whether she will go all out with her outfit or keep it toned down and simple like her white t-shirt and jeans Grammys performance look.

Pink sang the national anthem at the 2018 Super Bowl dressed in a shiny, creamy silver bomber jacket with puffy sleeves, which she paired with a flow-y camouflage top and wide-leg pants, all of which looked incredible. She paired the look with dangly star-shaped earrings. Pink's look was neutral, because I have a feeling that wearing green in support of her hometown of Philly would have been slightly frowned upon. In any case, she looked fabulous but not overdone, and you couldn't even tell that she was battling the flu at the same time. The look was not as simple and toned down as what she wore for her Grammys performance, but still totally appropriate for the Super Bowl (I imagine, since I'm not really a football aficionado).

Pink shared on Instagram that there was no way she was going to back out of this performance because of the flu. As a mom, Pink is constantly surrounded by kids, who, as everyone who has ever spent time around kids knows, tend to pick up illnesses left and right and then wipe their adorable germ-y little hands on everything, including other people's mouths. In her caption Pink wrote, "And it just so happens that this chance comes when I have two small Petri dish kids who literally cough INTO MY MOUTH and rub their snot on my cheek. You can’t write this stuff I swear!" But she also added at the end, "As far as the gremlins that got me into this mess, you can cough at me for the rest of your lives. If it’s a contest, babies, you win," because Pink is a good mama.

But from her appearance at the game, no one would ever be able to tell that Pink had to drag her sick butt out of bed to perform in front of millions of people. I know when I have the flu I look like a recently resurrected zombie, so her stellar appearance is just another reason for me to look upon her with nothing short of awe.

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She didn't sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" flying around or suspended by any wires, as she occasionally does, but it was a great opportunity to remind everyone that this woman has an incredible voice. Seriously, in case you ever forgot why Pink is famous, just listen to her belt out a ballad. I think it's time for a full-on Pink revival, don't you? And being able to sing like that and look that incredible while being sick as a dog gives me a whole new respect for this lady's work ethic (or maybe just her commitment to giving an incredible performance no matter what).

So now that Pink has gone on, I'm going to wait and see what Justin Timberlake has planned for the halftime show. I wonder if he can pull off a silver bomber jacket and camouflage as well as Pink can. He might, but I kind of doubt it.

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