Just Try Not To Shed A Tear While Watching Pixar's Heartwarming New Short 'Kitbull'

While they're heartwarming and oh-so-adorable, there's always a deeper message within our favorite Disney and Pixar movies. The most recent example of this is Pixar's new short Kitbull as it tackles a very relatable subject, but does it such a heartwarming way that both kids and parents will appreciate.

As all parents know, kids are, of course, obsessed with kitties and puppies, so they'll definitely enjoy Kitbull. The short features a kitty and an abused pit bull (hence the name Kitbull). In the film, which is told through 2D animation (and no voice acting), viewers are introduced to a street cat, who is a little apprehensive of strangers, even friendly dogs. But when the cat meets the "bull" in the film, an unlikely friendship starts between the two.

This film tackles one subject that everyone has related to at some point: the struggle to fit in and be accepted. But, once true friendship is found, it's important to not let go of it, which is exactly what happens in this super lovable short. And like most Disney and Pixar film, this short also has a happy ending that viewers will love.

And people are really loving Kitbull. In the past two days since the short was uploaded onto YouTube, it has amassed over 2 million views and is currently trending on the website.

Needless to say, it has people very emotional on Twitter.

I swear, I'm not crying. You are.

The reason that everyone is so emotional over the short is because people resonate with it that much. It's a situation that everyone has been in before — whether they've been afraid to open up to people, found an unexpected friend, or escaped a bad situation.

The people behind this short film — director, Rosana Sullivan and producer, Kathryn Hendrickson — explained their reasoning behind making this film in an accompanying video. Sullivan said:

At first, I wanted to draw something that made me feel good, and was fun. But, it evolved into something more personal to me eventually. I realize that, growing up, I was always really sensitive and shy, and had a lot of trouble making connections and friendship. So I related to this kitten because it never really stepped outside of its comfort zone to be vulnerable and make a connection.

Not only is this short personal to Sullivan because of the kitten's personality but because of the setting, too. In a behind the scenes video, Hendrickson revealed that the film takes place in the Mission District in San Francisco, California, which is where Sullivan first lived when she moved to the city. How special is that?

If viewers loved Kitbull, then they'll especially love that there is a lot more shorts like this to come. This video is part of Disney Pixar's SparkShorts program, which is designed to explore new storytelling techniques and give new storytellers a platform to share their work, according to Geeky Tyrant.

Hopefully this means that there are more stories like Kitbull to be told soon.