With Humor & Cute Orbs, Pixar Explores Life After Death In Charming 'Soul' Trailer

While you'll quickly aww over adorable unborn soul orbs that resemble Casper the Friendly Ghost à la Devon Sawa, Pixar's new trailer for Soul explores a much deeper message. Indeed, the upcoming movie, slated to hit theaters this June, will make you think a bit differently about happens after death with humor, adorable animation, and whole lot of creativity.

"What the... What is this place?" Joe Gardner, an aspiring jazz musician and middle school band teacher voiced by Jamie Foxx, says as he arrives into a place called "The Great Before" after suddenly falling into a sewer.

"This is heaven?" Joe asks. "No, it's The Great Before. This is where new souls get their personalities, quirks, and interests before they go to Earth," an outlined orb explains to him.

"Help! I'm not done!" Joe exclaims after landing a gig to play at a jazz club.

While in The Great Before, Joe meets a "precocious soul" named 22, voiced by Tina Fey, who "has never understood the appeal of the human experience," according to Pixar's description of the film.

"Ugh... Hey, look, I already know everything about Earth and I don't want anything to do with it," 22 says to Joe. "But you're missing out on the joys of life!" he responds. According to Pixar, throughout the movie, Joe "desperately tries to show 22 what’s great about living" and "he may just discover the answers to some of life’s most important questions."

As Soul poses some heavy questions like, "Is all this living really worth dying for?" as 22 asks Joe, and complex topics such as the purpose of life and life after death, it's hard to say how kid-friendly the movie will be. But although Soul is not yet rated, the movie does come from the same studio that brought us the PG-rated fantasy film Inside Out and the beloved film Coco, also rated PG, so it's possible it'll attract a similar rating

Soul is set to arrive in theaters nationwide on June 19, 2020.