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Platinum Vagine Memes To Make You LOL

The moment we've all been waiting for (or dreading) since the premiere episode of this season's Bachelor has arrived: Corinne discussing her "platinum vagine." In the teasers, we've heard her say this over and over. On Monday night's episode, it was clear that Corinne was nervous about getting a rose – especially because she hadn't had a one-on-one date. She took matters into her own hands and visited his room...with the intention of showing said vagine. The moment, of course, exploded on social media. "Platinum vagine" memes from The Bachelor are just as ridiculous as Corinne can be.

Let's rewind. How did we get here, tweeting about platinum vagines? We know from previous episodes that Corinne is not afraid to be sexual with Nick – from taking her top off during a group date to straddling him in a bouncy castle, Corinne goes for what she wants. This episode, Corinne was vying for her first one-on-one date during their time in Bimini. Unfortunately, she didn't get one – and it made her anxious about her fate with Nick. So, she went to his suite to make her own one-on-one date. Corinne was sure she could put on the charm with Nick because while her heart is gold (okay, Corinne), her vagine is platinum (again, okay):

Understandably, Bachelor Nation took "platinum vagine" and ran with it, spinning off a slew of memes:

What did Nick think of the platinum vagine? Well...he wasn't into it. Not now, anyway. He said that he's "made the mistake" of sleeping with people in Bachelor Nation too soon – which we all know about – and he doesn't want to make that mistake again (for the third time). Corinne was understandably upset, and was left even more nervous about getting a rose as before.

This week, though, Corinne and her platinum vagine are safe: Nick did not send her home. We, too, have to withstand Corinne for another week. Regardless of how we feel about Corinne, she definitely serves as comic relief for the show, platinum vagine (and Raquel, and cheese pasta) and all. Whether or not Nick will actually see "the vagine" in the honeymoon suite – or sooner – we'll just have to tune in.