Packaging, container, and knife for the pink "Spa Day" Play-Doh

Now There's Play-Doh That Smells Like 'Mom Jeans' & What Does That Even Mean?

You know that overwhelming sense of nostalgia you get when you open your kids' Play-Doh and get a whiff of that distinct, salty smell? Well, now you can make new memories because Play-Doh for Grown Ups is a thing, and it's scented. You can now soak in the smells of life as an adult while simultaneously reliving your childhood.

The new Play-Doh is available at Amazon (though it's temporarily sold out) or Walmart and comes in a multi-pack of six colors, each with their own scent and little Play-Doh knife. You can open the pink container to make your space smell like a "Spa Day" or play with the gold molding clay to take in the smell of an "Overpriced Latte," which might help you feel like that's what you're really drinking, instead of the home-brewed coffee that's actually in your mug.

The pack also includes a blue "Mom Jeans", red "Grill King", green "Lord of the Lawn", and white "Dad Sneakers." Though it's unclear exactly what "mom jeans" smell like, it's safe to assume adults will recognize it as soon as they open the container. Perhaps like fabric softener and the grubby scent of children's handprints, mixed together? That would definitely be accurate.


Since they all come in their own little box, these Play-Dohs make for fun (and funny) stocking stuffers or White Elephant gifts. Or, you can keep them for yourself. Just be sure to keep them away from your kids if they're prone to mixing colors together. The last thing you want is for all those adulthood scents to come together to create a super-scent, which would probably just smell like stress in a container, tbh.