Political Baby Names That You Won't Regret In 10 Years

It is a known fact that baby names are influenced by cultural trends and influences — which is why Edna isn't the most popular baby name in 2016 and Zoey wasn't the most popular name in 1925. So, it is no surprise that with the current presidential election in full swing (and basically everywhere you turn), baby names are going to reflect it. If you want a name that evokes power and history, a political baby name might be a good option. And before you start worrying, there are definitely some political baby names that you won't regret in 10 years.

According to a study done by BabyCenter, patriotism is definitely influencing new parents. In the first five months of 2016, the name Hillary rose up 142 percent over 2015 with the name of Hillary's better half, Bill, rising up 113 percent over 2015. However, according to ABC News, the name Bernard (Bernie for short) didn't see a spike in name popularity. So while people may have loved his politics, they might not have liked the name for their own kin — understandable, of course. For those who like to see red, the names Donald, Melania, and even Ivanka have risen since the previous year.

Luckily, if you're worried that "Trump" won't be such a popular moniker in the next decade or so, you have other options:

1. Hamilton

How could you not expect this to be number one? Hamilton is, without a doubt, the most popular musical on Broadway, transforming the first treasury secretary of the United States into a modern day, rapping legend. Hamilton is a stoic name with a legacy behind it. According to Baby Center's Linda Murray, the Broadway show speaks to a diverse group of millennial parents, therefore the name does too.

2. Cruz

Because the name Lyin' Ted is too long and complicated for a birth certificate. But in all seriousness, Cruz is the name of one of Posh Spice and David Beckham's adorable sons therefore if a name is Posh Spice approved, it must be good.

3. Michelle

If there is one name that should be popular from the Obama administration, it should be Michelle. Not only is Michelle a traditional name that sounds great on paper, it also evokes the image of one of the strongest first wives we have yet to see in the White House. Michelle is one of the strongest, coolest, and smartest first wives we have yet to see so why not play it safe and pick a traditional name?

4. Walker

If you're having fond memories of the Bush era(s) at this point, Walker is the perfect name for your child. While George isn't the most creative name for a child and Bush evokes images of shrubbery, Walker is the perfect medium for parents who want to pay homage to their favorite president of this century. Plus, according to Baby Center, Walker has increased in popularity of late, therefore the name should hold up pretty well on the playground.

5. Kennedy

Kennedy is a timeless, classic name that pays homage to John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family. It's also an incredibly popular unisex name working for both boys and girls. According to Baby Center, it is the #60 most popular name for girls in 2016 and has been consistently popular (and rising) in this decade.

6. Lincoln

The 16th President of the United States has a lasting legacy — not only does he have a memorial in Washington D.C. built after him and his face featured on the back of the penny, Lincoln is also quite a popular baby name; According to Baby Center's popularity charts, the name Lincoln saw a surge in popularity in 2009, making it the #42 most popular baby name in 2016.

7. Hillary

While Hillary might not be the most popular baby name or politician of this era, it is a pretty loaded name. With the name Hillary comes history of breaking the United State's tallest glass ceiling and well, making history. If you want a name that your child will grow up reading in their textbooks, Hillary is the way to go.

It is important to remember that a name does not make a person. And even if you name your child after your favorite or least favorite politician, it has no reflection on your child's character. Just remember to reinforce that notion when your kid asks you why you named them "Huckabee."