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If You Hate Paying Full Price For Home Goods, Check Out Poshmark's New Home Market

Every time the seasons change, it feels like it's time to freshen up the house again. But finding a place to sell your old lamps is time consuming, as is searching for the perfect one to replace it. Enter Poshmark's Home Market, a marketplace for home decor. Basically, you can host a garage sale, go on a shopping spree, and find a community of decor lovers all within one app.

In case you're not familiar, Poshmark is an already established app that allows users to buy and sell clothes and accessories. It streamlines buying and selling into one convenient device (your phone), while making it feel like a fun social activity. The app is organized by "closets," where members upload photos of items they want to sell, and where potential buyers can engage with the seller (and other potential customers) in-app by commenting on their closets and items they're selling. 'Posh Parties' are also a thing and appear as 'events' where users are encouraged to show up, sell, shop, and comment at a certain time, to encourage a feeling of community. Think of it as shopping with your girlfriends, but virtually.

As of today, Poshmark's Home Market went live and you can already find tons of products for your space, including accents, wall art, holiday decor, bedding, bath needs, party supplies, office goods, and storage and organization items. That's a pretty diverse set of offerings, which is intentional, as the company wants to appeal to a variety of shoppers. "With the launch of the Home Market, we’re taking our first step into broader lifestyle categories and expanding our social marketplace beyond the closet,” said Manish Chandra, founder & CEO of Poshmark in a press release. “This Market launch reiterates the power of Posh Markets to scale social commerce and enables Poshmark to continue transforming the e-commerce experience."

Courtesy of Poshmark

The press release also states the brand is focusing on three goals with this home focused venture: help users discover new brands, connect sellers and buyers with similar styles and budgets to increase the likelihood of purchasing; and tailor content in specialized markets to help even the most niche shoppers find what they need.

If you've been burned too many times from other resell sites and apps that make you wary of buying items directly from individual sellers as opposed to retailers, the company does have some plans set in place that are designed to keep sellers and customers protected and happy: Posh Protect ensures you are only paying for what you receive and that the product matches its product description, Posh Post allows sellers to print shipping labels from their home home to send purchase items more seamlessly, and Posh Authenticate is a next-tier authentication process for those items that are listed as luxury pieces. The app is available for iOS and Android devices — visit the App Store or Google Play if you want to check it out, and here's to never paying full price on anything ever again.