This Glassware From Pottery Barn Is What Morticia Addams Would Use For Her Own Wine

Thinking about throwing a Halloween party this year? If you're planning on having adult beverages (and you should, obviously), check out Pottery Barn's new skeleton drinkware collection. Now, a quick disclaimer: unless you are just buying the stemless or Old Fashioned glasses, this drinkware isn't exactly kid-friendly. (We all know a champagne flute in close proximity to a toddler is an accident waiting to happen.) But, if you are considering hosting a more elegant Halloween-themed celebration for adults, with or without costumes (although costume parties are always more entertaining), Pottery Barn's skeleton drinkware collection is a fun addition to your tabletop decorations. After all, eating your children's Halloween candy after they have gone to bed is reason enough to celebrate this spooky holiday. I'm kidding. (No I'm not.)

In addition to beverage glasses, Pottery Barn has made it easy to go all out on the Halloween decor shopping this year. Gorgeous centerpieces, like a pumpkin-shaped cloche made out of recycled glass, and a lit wreath adorned with decorative bats, will really elevate your Halloween decorating game this season and for years to come. Oh, and did I mention the entire collection is currently on sale? Check out their skeleton drinkware collection below, and good luck with the party planning. Go all Morticia Addams as you sip your wine.


Skeleton Stem Wine Glass

Sip your wine while holding on to a shiny skeleton with Pottery Barn's stem wine glass. The skeleton embellishment is handmade of zinc alloy and is easy to grip with a wide base, making it (hopefully) less likely to tip over. While I prefer white wine myself, I think a more blood-like red makes more sense for Halloween entertaining, right? For an affordable list of wines before you start stocking the bar for your party, check out Food & Wine's $20 and under fall red wine list.


Skeleton Stemless Wine Glass

Nothing like holding hands with a skeleton while you enjoy a glass of wine on Halloween. While a stemless glass is definitely a better bet around children, these glasses should still be kept out of reach if possible. I love the idea though, of having this collection on hand (get it?) to bring out each year, Halloween party or not.


Skeleton Double Old Fashioned Glass

My husband's grandmother used to love an Old Fashioned every now and again, so I immediately think of her when I see this kind of glass. She would get a kick out of the silvery skeleton hand on this glass, and so will your guests. For a classic Old Fashioned cocktail recipe, check out the New York Times Cooking Section. To amp up the spooky factor, I love this Halloween Old Fashioned recipe by Freutcake blog which uses dark chocolate bitters, Amarena or Luxardo cherries (both really dark red), and dry ice to look like fog coming out of the glass. Now that's how you do a Halloween party cocktail.


Skeleton Champagne Flute

Nothing says refined celebration like drinking from a champagne flute, and when there are skeleton fingers wrapped around the bottom of the glass, well, that's just positively bone-chilling (I am full of puns today, apparently). While this is another glass to keep away from the kiddos, it is also an item that will really step your party up a notch. As for what to put inside that glass, how frighteningly delicious does this Bride of Frankenstein cocktail recipe sound from Pineapple and Coconut blog? The recipe includes blackberry jam, vanilla syrup, champagne or prosecco, vodka, and fresh blackberries for garnish. Trick or treat, indeed.