Amy Duggar's Third Trimester Update Reveals Her Exact Due Date

The last stretch of any pregnancy can be an exciting and stressful time all at once. Someone who knows this all too well is Amy Duggar, who confirmed her due date in a refreshingly honest post about the third trimester. Not only did Amy note her official due date in the message, but she also expressed fear about having her water possibly break while out in public.

Amy, who is Jim Bob Duggar's niece and cousin to her uncle's 19 kids, took to Instagram Monday to reveal her official due date: Oct. 9. Her post featured hints of excitement and trepidation, with Amy captioning a shot of her bump: "I just realized there's only 30 days left till my due date!!! Which is October 9th!! So many emotions!! Omg!! But I have a feeling he might just come a little early.... praying my water doesn't break while I'm at the boutique! Lol."

Fans were quick to offer words of praise and encouragement, but most felt compelled to share their own stories of early labor.

"I've had three children and my waters didn't break with any of them, with my last baby who is four weeks old, she came so quick that she was born in the sac still," one person said. "Good luck, hope the last 30 days are restful and drama free."

One mom shared her third trimester secret weapon, aka Depends diapers. Ha!

Amy's family member's also chimed in with, cousin-in-law Anna Duggar saying, "You’re in the home stretch. You are already such an awesome momma! Can’t wait to finally meet baby Dax!" Home stretch, indeed!

This is the first baby for Amy and her husband Dillon King, according to OK! Magazine. The two shared their baby news on Instagram in April 2019, nearly four years after the two tied the knot. And the two have come along way since their appearance on the 2017 season of WE TV's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, where they hashed out their marital issues in group therapy.

The couple are understandably thrilled to welcome their baby, a boy named Dax, early this fall. “We are completely speechless, overly excited and ready for the next chapter as new parents!” the told People about the joyous news at the time of their announcement.

Although the two are psyched to start a family, these next few coming months will be quite busy for them. Not only did Amy just open a new location for her clothing store, but Dillon is launching his own restaurant in the Arkansas area. "One thing I've learned from my husband is that life is too short!" she said on Instagram about their big plans. "Go after your dreams! I'm so proud of you @kingdillpickle for always chasing yours! Cheers to a crazy Fall as new parents too!!"

Preparing for the birth of your first child is a huge milestone for any parent, and Amy and King are no different. And now fans can follow along with this Duggar cousin as she counts down the days until Oct. 9.