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ATTN Moms: Ashley Graham Needs Help Finding The Perfect Pair Of Maternity Leggings

Ashley Graham is pregnant for the first time and dealing with all of the highs and lows associated with it. While Graham has clearly been thriving, she's also run into a few problems — like with workout clothes. Now, Ashley Graham has enlisted fans to help her find the perfect pair of maternity leggings, and it seems like some people have found the perfect solution for her. Thank goodness for her famous friends.

It's been a little less than a month since model Ashley Graham announced that she is expecting her first child with husband, Justin Ervin, which could not be any more exciting. But now that the cat is out of the bag, she is more than ready to ask her followers for some guidance when it comes to navigating the trickier parts of it — like finding the perfect maternity workout wear. On Saturday, Sept. 7, Graham paused her workout to plead with her followers for their help with finding the best pair of leggings for her. In the video, Graham can be seen looking exasperated wearing a pair of leggings pulled underneath her bump.

"Pregnant women of the world, I have not yet realized that I am growing out of all of my stretchy pants," she says. "What workout pants do you work out in? This is my underwear!"

Graham goes on to explain in the video that her leggings don't feel comfortable when they're stretched over her bump and that she would much rather prefer them sitting at the base of it. "I need help!," she exclaims. "Please tell us where to get pants. Thank you." Luckily, Graham has plenty of famous friends and helpful followers to get her through these seriously trying times.

"I got you!!," Fabletics co-founder and mom of three, Kate Hudson commented. "Coming your way."

"We can make it happen — for you and me both mamacita," Ty Haney, the (currently pregnant) founder of activewear company Outdoor Voices, added.

But other people (who haven't founded their own activewear companies) were on hand to provide some very helpful suggestions that can help other expecting mothers, just like Graham.

"Try Glowe Collection leggings," one commenter wrote. "They are amazing!"

"Old. Navy. Best best best maternal exercise clothes and I've seriously tried them all!," another commenter added.

Finding the perfect pair of maternity leggings that will last through a sweaty workout is tough, especially as the bump continues to grow. Working out during pregnancy is recommended throughout all three trimesters (with some precaution), according to Parents, so it makes sense why Graham wants to find the perfect pair of leggings right now. This way the leggings can last her over the course of the next few months (and beyond).

But there are plenty of pairs of leggings out there from at different price points. A pair of Glowe Collection leggings (which come outfitted with an interior support band for the bump) will set expecting mothers back $165. And a pair of maternity workout leggings from Old Navy cost $30. So if she doesn't like one pair she can move on to the next.

Clearly, Graham has a lot of options. And once she finds the perfect pair for her, hopefully she will share her newfound knowledge with everyone else. It would be a wonderful way for her to give back after her followers provided her with plenty of suggestions.