Pregnant Dog From Maternity Photoshoot Gives Birth & Her Latest Pictures Are Just As Adorable


The Internet exploded into joy last week with the discovery of a new star in the modeling world, Lilica The Pregnant Dog. The Pinscher mix's maternity photo shoot, in which she showed off her stomach and smized like a champ, quickly earned her legions of new fans. And then, just a day after the shoot, the pregnant photoshoot star gave birth. No surprise here, the new photos of Lilica with her puppies may leave you uncontrollably "aw-ing" and looking up how to get a dog of your own.

Brazilian photographer Anna Paula Grillo snapped the initial photos of Lilica, her friend's dog. The maternity photo shoot lasted about 20 minutes because Lilica was a total pro. (Can someone get this dog an agent?) The next day, Lilica had four boys and one girl. The proud father is the neighbor's dog, who seems camera-shy. No word on if he and Lilica are in love, or if it was just a one-time thing.

Grillo came back to photograph the new mother and her puppies, and the results were even better than the first shoot, if that's possible. First of all, they're puppies, so any pictures of them are naturally going to be adorable. But these pups clearly inherited some good genes, as well as their mother's flair for the camera. And Lilica's pride as she looks at them? It's the cutest!

A basket of puppies is the best kind of basket. Also, I feel that, "Is the puppy second from the left yawning or trying to eat his brother's face?" could be the great question of our time.

If only nursing for humans were so blissful.

Ahhhhhhhh, the little girl is so sleepy! Sleep well, tiny one! Someday soon, you'll only get about three-quarters of the treats that your brothers will (unless things change), but you don't need to worry about that yet.

I wish I had one of those dog translators from Up so I could get inside Lilica's head in this photo. I like to imagine that this is her contending with her own religious beliefs as a result of all the new joy she's feeling, and ultimately deciding that even though she's not ready to call it "God," she now thinks that there's something greater out there. But maybe a pretty bird just flew by.

The best part is that all five puppies have been adopted by Lilica's owner's adult children and their families. Now they can continue to hang out at family reunions! Excuse me while I go cry at the reminder of all the beauty in the world.