President Obama's Reaction To The Dallas Shooting Highlights The Frustration We All Feel


Less than 24 hours ago, President Obama took to the podium in Warsaw, Poland, to speak publicly on the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. And just as soon as he'd left the stage, he was back on it. President Obama's reaction to the Dallas shooting, which claimed the lives of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, is just the latest in a slurry of shootings and murders that have taken our country by storm this summer. And the resignation, fury, frustration, exhaustion we've all become far too familiar with were evident on every inch of our president's face.

Speaking once again from Warsaw, Poland, where President Obama is attending the NATO Summit, Obama called the Dallas shooting a "viscous, calculated despicable act," adding that the "senseless murders" and slaughter of five police officers by suspects using sniper rifles was a "tremendous tragedy" for our nation. After taking the podium for the second time that evening to address a situation taking place in the United States, Obama said:

He then added a sentence that Americans, in the immediate aftermath of senseless violence and killings, have become all too familiar with hearing: "We still don't know all the facts."

Every day more and more men and women are killed as a result of racism, terrorism, and discrimination — all because of who they are and what they are in the eyes of other people — yet we often don't have a rhyme or a reason for why these things happen.

In a transcript of President Obama's speech on the Dallas shootings obtained by Fox News, the president continued:

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