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These 'PLL' Finale Theories Could Change Everything

Pretty Little Liars is finally ending after seven wild seasons packed with twists and turns, improbable facial prosthetics, and dolls (so many dolls). There's only one episode left to answer the myriad of questions fans still have before the show is gone for good. Almost all of the main couples have settled down and Charlotte's killer was finally unmasked, but that doesn't mean everything is peachy keen in Rosewood. The identity of the latest tormentor to take up the A moniker is still unknown, and that's just one of the mysteries still plaguing the show's leading ladies. These Pretty Little Liars finale theories try to figure out how the whole thing will end, once and for all.

This isn't a show that's going to end with a whimper instead of a bang. Fans should definitely be on the look-out for last minute shockers and major reveals that could leave viewers reeling right before the end. The finale, "'Til DeAth Do Us PArt," spans two hours and contains a one-year time jump, so it's sure to make the most of that extra hour by giving fans of the show one last big hurrah, complete with everything they've come to expect from Pretty Little Liars. Hopefully that will include more secret twins, darker family secrets, and a few unexpected surprises. Here's what I'm hoping to see...

Spencer Has A Twin

The recent revelations about Spencer's birth mother being Mary Drake combined with her odd behavior all season has made more than a few fans wonder if she might have a secret twin sister wreaking havoc in Rosewood. There seems to be no end to the surprises in her family so finding out Mary had a third child would be par for the course — and it would be a nice nod to the original book series, which revolved around Alison and twin Courtney switching places and double-crossing each other.

The New Class

The slightly random introduction of an Alison Jr. named Addison at Rosewood High School in Season 7 made viewers a little suspicious. It seemed like the show could have been testing the waters for a possible spinoff that featured an all new group of girls as they dealt with similar issues as the original Liars. Evidence seems to be mounting now that I. Marlene King is reportedly adapting another Sara Shepard series for Freeform called The Perfectionists, which could easily exist in the Pretty Little Liars universe. The finale could set up the new series.

Bethany Ever After

Though Bethany Young has been mentioned numerous times on the show, both as a Radley resident who knew Charlotte and as the body that ended up in Alison's grave, she still remains something of a cipher. What if she isn't actually dead? What if she's bitter about everything she's been through and she decided to turn it around on the Liars by taking on the A.D. mantle after her old Radley pal Charlotte was killed? It would be the kind of surprise that is both out of left field and weirdly makes sense, which is what Pretty Little Liars is known for.

A.D. Stands For Alison DiLaurentis

Alison has always been at the heart of everything that happened on Pretty Little Liars. Her "murder" set off the chain of events that started the series and the former As have always been connected to her or her family. Reddit user woo-em came up with a very in-depth theory that explains how Alison could have been A.D. all along, taking on her late sister's revenge mission to avenge Charlotte's death. Some inconsistencies in Archer's stories can be traced back to Ali, and the ordeal with Emily's eggs only brought her and Alison closer; why would A.D. want that unless they had a vested interest in the relationship?

Of course, this would mean Alison's entire redemption arc was an act (and her reactions while alone would make this Dan-is-Gossip-Girl levels of contradictory) but it would bring everything full circle.

Where Is Archer's Body?

In "Farewell, My Lovely," the Liars drove down to dig up Charles DiLaurentis' empty grave to see if that was where A.D. had stashed Archer Dunhill's body. They ultimately decided not to dig up the grave so that they could disengage from A.D.'s games once and for all. But Archer's body has been plaguing the girls for a season, so there's no way that's the end of the story, even if Mary Drake has taken the fall for the murder. The crime could come back to haunt them one more time in the final episode.

Paige Is A.D.

When Paige suddenly returned to Rosewood, some fans began to wonder if she had something to do with A.D. — or if she might even be A.D. There were small, questionable hints like the fact that her job as the Athletic Department Supervisor made her the A.D. Supervisor, but there was more to it than that. A.D. also seemingly had a fondness for Emily and might have had short, brown hair like Paige's. Then there was the fact that IMDB listed actress Lindsay Shaw as Paige McCullers/A.D. That mistake could actually have been a very revealing clue.

Wren Has To Be Up To Something

Wren has been handsomely shady since the very first season, but it never really led to any major misdeeds — outside of the run-of-the-mill creepiness of being deeply inappropriate with his fiancée's underage sister. Even if he isn't A.D., he could still be working with them, taking on any medical demands A.D. has, like falsifying records and implanting someone with another person's embryos.

The show isn't over yet, so there are still puzzles to put together and games to play. It wouldn't be Pretty Little Liars without them.