Um Guys, You Can Save $100 On Maxi Cosi Car Seats During Amazon Prime Day

by Cat Bowen

Car seats are one of the most expensive purchases that you'll make for your new baby, and one of the most daunting. You want to make sure that it's safe, that you can use it properly and easily, that it's convenient, and that it will work with your car. One of the best brands out there is Maxi Cosi, which offers a wide variety of models with luxury finishes and high safety ratings. Unfortunately, it's also one of the pricier car seats. Thankfully, the Amazon Prime Day Maxi Cosi car seat sale is almost here, and the prices can not be beat.

There is a reason why Maxi Cosi car seats are so popular: they're a cinch to install, they are durable enough to survive a few children, and they clean up really easily. For any parent who has ever struggled with trying to get their kid out of the car seat after they've gotten carsick, or their sibling decided that they should share their milkshake, knows what misfortune might become the poor car seat. Add into that the wiggling beast trying to make their escape while you toggle with the locking mechanism, and it's a comedy of errors all around. Maxi Cosi makes these problems less of a big deal with their easy latches and easy-to-wash fabric for the "oh my goodness what just came out of my baby" shriek. The Amazon Prime Day Maxi Cosi car seat sale on July 15 and 16 is slashing the prices of these puppies, and trust me, you want all over this deal.

1.Maxi-Cosi Magellan 5-in-1 Convertible Car Seat in Aegean Storm

This car seat is legitimately impressive. As per the manufacturers, it is "designed to be the only car seat you'll need for children weighing 5 to 120 pounds. The Maxi Cosi Magellan allows for the widest range of adaptability with its one-handed, seven-position recline, and three adjustable torso height positions." It's not crazy heavy either, if you're concerned you won't be able to move it easily from car to car. I have no problem moving it between cars when I pick up my niece, and I have a partially paralyzed left hand. This would be the car seat I would buy someone for their baby shower, and at this price, it is worth every penny.

Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Max Convertible Car Seat in Nomad Grey

This has a magnetic chest clip, and it changes everything. When you're struggling to get your baby strapped in a car seat that they're doing their best to stay out of, you need this magnetic clip. It is only the work of a moment to get your baby safely adjusted in their seat, even if they're flailing their limbs like some sort of drunken boxer looking for a win in the ring.

It weighs just under 24 pounds, and it is designed to take up less car space front-to-back so that riders in the front and back seat aren't going to miss leg room because of it. However, just because it is more compact doesn't make it any less plush. It is incredibly soft and the material won't rub baby's skin, nor will they become uncomfortable from a hard seat.

Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Devoted Black, One Size

The reviews for this seat speak for themselves. With a near perfect rating for almost 600 reviews, this is one of the top-rated seats on Amazon. It's no wonder that the Amazon Prime Day Maxi Cosi car seat sale is featuring this model. One user wrote, "The Pria 85 is so luxurious. So comfortable. A dream to clean. Easy install (read instructions thoroughly) and very easy to tighten the straps, despite what other reviews say. I have no doubt that my baby girl is safe and comfortable."