Hello, There's A New *Sloth* Baby Gym From Skip Hop Debuting On Prime Day

Skip Hop is always coming out with new and innovative products in the baby and toddler space, and next week three of their newest items will be on sale for an Amazon Prime Day Skip Hop deal. I'm such a big fan of this brand. My girls' first little lunch boxes and backpacks were from Skip Hop, and I still remember them. While the global brand is known for their playful colors and modern aesthetic, they care just as much about functionality and smart design for parents, babies, and toddlers. I love their slogan, "Must-Haves Made Better," and couldn't have said it better myself.

Amazon Prime Day will take place this coming Monday and Tuesday, July 15 and 16, and will, for the first time ever, last a full 48 hours. An exclusive benefit for Prime members, the sale will include over one million items. Whoa. If you've been thinking about trying a Prime membership, Amazon is offering a free 30-day trial to test it out, and honestly, the timing could not be better. Otherwise, it's $119/year or $12.99/month.

Check out Skip Hop's latest and greatest for potty training toddlers, tummy time babies, and little ones who might need a little help sleeping through the night.


Made for Me Potty Training Toilet

Potty training just got a bit easier with Skip Hop's newest training toilet, which has the look and feel of a grown-up toilet. This sleek and modern potty helps little ones transition to the real thing with confidence. The removable basin makes for an easy clean-up process, and the smooth surfaces make it a breeze to wipe down afterwards. And speaking of functionality, the toilet has a back compartment that holds a handy removable wipes case (included), which is also a perfect spot to hold favorite books. When your toddler is done using the potty, he gets to push the button on the top for a real flush sound, which encourages and rewards little ones for a job well done. Potty requires 2 AAA batteries (included).


Dream & Shine Toddler Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock & Nightlight

This sweet cloud is a 4-in-1 design that works as a sleep trainer, soother, nightlight or alarm clock. While in sleep trainer mode, the cloud lights up with easy-to-follow color cues for toddlers: Red = time for bed; Yellow = almost time to get up; Green = OK to get up. I particularly love this function for a parent looking to get a few more minutes of uninterrupted shut eye in the morning. When in soother mode, it plays two calming sounds (white noise and gentle rain) and a lullaby. In nightlight mode, it provides comfort to toddlers with a warm glow and three brightness levels. The alarm clock mode will wake up your toddler with a sweet song and lights. Innovation and good design? I love it, Skip Hop.


Tropical Paradise Baby Gym

We all know how important a play gym is for baby's development, and Skip Hop hits the nail on the head with this design. There are four ways to play here: overhead, tummy time, seated, and on-the-go soother. Never mind the fact that the colors used are so soothing and pretty, and I mean, who doesn't love a sloth? When baby is lying on his back on the comfy play mat, he can stare up at a built-in baby mirror and tropical art work on a mesh canopy. Four movable hanging toys include: toucan with chime and grab ring, monkey with squeaker and banana teether toy, leopard with crinkle, and portable plush sloth soother. Also included: a soother that plays two calming sounds (rainforest/brook and white noise/heartbeat) for up to 10 minutes. Love this play gym for baby.