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Prince Charles & Meghan Markle May Soon Be Bonding Over Show Business

Another member of the British royal family might be adding “actor” to their résumé. That's right, it sounds like Prince Charles could be following in Meghan Markle’s career footsteps with a surprising role in the latest James Bond movie, now filming in the United Kingdom. The future king, as The Sun reported, was asked to do a cameo role when he visited the set in June and he may be considering it.

While there's been no concrete word yet on whether Prince Charles has officially agreed to take on the role in the upcoming 25th film in the franchise, a source close to the production of the film — which stars Daniel Craig as the debonair spy — told The Sun: "The producers are desperate to sign [Prince Charles]. It is no secret that the film has suffered a number of setbacks but landing a Royal could be just what the movie needs."

The shoot has faced a few kerfuffles. For example, a number of on-set accidents hobbled both Craig and a crew member, according to People. In fact, when Prince Charles visited the set, he apparently joked about it with a set worker, according to CNN. "You haven’t had any more things blowing up recently?" he quipped, according to the news outlet.

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Should Prince Charles take on the challenge, he has plenty of people to turn to for advice. Beyond his daughter-in-law, seasoned actress Meghan Markle — who famously starred in Suits for several years as Rachel Zane — his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, have also cameoed in a film before, playing Stormtroopers in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, according to The Telegraph. However, their appearance was cut during editing, according to CNET, so fans never got to see the footage.

Perhaps the highest profile cameo came from the Queen herself, who appeared in an homage to the Bond franchise that played during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. In the spot, Craig, as Bond, dropped by Buckingham Palace to pick up the monarch. The pair then took a helicopter to Olympic Park, where a stuntwoman dressed as the Queen parachuted in.

With that cameo being such a hit, a source reportedly told The Daily Express that the film's producers "loved the buzz" around that and "think Charles could top even that." The source added, "[Prince Charles] is the epitome of everything British, perfect for a cameo role and Bond fans worldwide would absolutely love it."

Beyond producers simply wanting Prince Charles to take on the role — because, let's be honest, anything involving the royal family will certainly gain attention and adoration — The Sun pointed out that the royal is also a patron of the British Film Institute, so this role in an iconic James Bond film would certainly be fitting.

Prince Charles isn't the only royal who was considered for this movie; in fact, according to People, fans almost got to see Markle in a role in the upcoming Bond film, as she was on a shortlist of actresses for the production. That was all before she got serious with her husband Prince Harry, however. In November 2017, as Harper's Bazaar reported, Markle announced she was quitting acting to become a "full-time royal" and work on causes she's "always been passionate about."

The newest Bond movie doesn’t have a title yet — it’s simply being referred to as Bond 25 and is set to premiere on April 3, 2020 — but it also stars Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, and Rami Malek, according to IMDb. And if Prince Charles decide to take on the exciting opportunity, he and his daughter-in-law will certainly have one more thing to bond over.