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Prince George Apparently Helps His Parents With This Normal, Everyday Chore

Even as President Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II met in the U.K. for a very official state visit, 5-year-old Prince George is still stealing headlines with adorable and heartwarming news. What's the latest with the young royal? Well, rumor has it that Prince George helps his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, with a very normal and everyday chore, and it's fair to say that his helpfulness is a reflection of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's down-to-earth parenting.

Apparently, as a royal insider reportedly told The Sun, Prince George is often on hand with his dad, Prince William, to greet the delivery van driver from local grocery story, Waitrose, when it arrives with their order.

"It is rare for anyone to ever [offer] to carry deliveries inside... So the Waitrose delivery staff were surprised and delighted to be greeted regularly by Prince William and Prince George," the insider told The Sun's royal correspondent, Emily Andrews. "George is always particularly helpful and is the one who asks each time what he can carry for them. He is a very inquisitive child... They give him lighter bags. It shows how down-to-earth William is and that he wants his son to grow up being polite and helpful to others."

This sweet interaction reportedly happens when the family is staying at Anmer Hall, their country home on the Queen’s estate of Sandringham, according to The Daily Express, and probably not when they're staying at their home in Kensington Palace in London.

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Of course, Prince George and his parents can't really just go out shopping to a regular grocery store whenever they want without security detail and being mobbed by royal fans. So, as MSN pointed out, having Prince George help with the grocery deliveries could be one of those rare opportunities to teach the little boy to be helpful and instill the value of kindness.

But it's actually not all that surprising that the future king would be willing to pitch in, as Hello! Magazine reported, as he’s been reported to have a sweet disposition. Like when Prince George was at Kate Middleton’s Back to Nature garden at the Chelsea Flower Show recently, and Prince William asked his oldest son what he would rate his mom’s garden, according to Hello! Magazine. In a video of the interaction shared by Kensington Palace on Instagram, you can hear Prince George offering his mom a score of 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. Awww.

There's no doubt that some of Prince William’s own parenting style is a throwback to the effort his own mother made to keep him humble and introduce him to the world outside the palace walls. For instance, according to the Daily Mail, Princess Diana had taken Prince William and Prince Harry to visit with the sick in the hospital and to homeless shelters to be introduced to some of the “harsh aspects of life.”

Princess Diana's efforts clearly paid off, and both her sons are grounded and compassionate members of society and, of course, their families. And now they’re raising children of their own and, as seen in this example with Prince George helping the delivery staff, are clearly doing an excellent job so far.