Prince George's favorite song to jam out to in the morning is the English national football team.
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Prince George Wakes Up & Jams Out To His Favorite Song Every Morning

What better way to start your day than rocking out to some good music? According to Prince William, Prince George's favorite song to jam out to is the English national football team — soccer, for those of you across the pond — anthem and he cranks it every morning. The Duke of Cambridge shared the adorable bit of information with the song's creator recently, and the entire exchange is just the kind of wholesomeness that I was hoping to end 2019 with, thank goodness.

The song, "Three Lions," aka Prince George's jam, was created in 1996 by comedian Frank Skinner with his band, The Lightening Seeds, and references the three lions on the English football jerseys, according to The Guardian. The lyrics reference everything from the team's return on its home field for the Wold Cup that year to past losses in penalty shoot offs.

Prince William recently met Skinner at the Royal Variety Performance, an annual entertainment fundraising event televised by Kensington Palace. During this year's show, which premiered on Dec. 12, Prince William shared with the comedy musician how much 6-year-old Prince George loves the song. "I listen to your song every morning," he said, according to The Mirror. "Honestly, George plays it every morning ever since the World Cup. I thought it would fade away but it hasn't. He still plays it every day."

In Prince George's defense, the song is pretty catchy. Give it a listen for yourself.

As the royal children get older, their parents are privy to more of their preferences and, thankfully for us, able to share them with the public. Along with Prince George's morning music routine, Kate Middleton and Prince William have shared the oldest son's favorite foods and movies. Like pretty much every kid I've met, Prince George is apparently a big fan of macaroni and cheese, as his mom told fans of the family, according to People. As for his taste in movies, Prince William shared during a trip to Northern Ireland earlier this year that George loves dragons and his favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon, as USA Today reported.

Here's hoping 2020 brings lots of sweet tidbits about the littlest royals across the pond. In the meantime, feel free to jam to "Three Lions" yourself tomorrow morning to get in the royal mindset.