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7 Of The Wildest Gifts Prince George Has Received For His Birthday

In just under a month's time, Prince George, son of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will turn 6. For the past five birthdays, the Prince has been overrun with the glad tidings of a great many benefactor. Being third in line for the throne, Prince George is likely going to continue to receive truckloads of presents for the rest of his life. It is truly fascinating to see what people gift the tiny royal, with reports ranging from the benign to the bizarre, so I've found the wildest gifts Prince George has received for his birthday.

Most of us have received something exceptionally strange for our birthdays at some point, but the gifts for royalty really go off the cliff into pure head scratching territory. Since George was a baby, William and Kate have repeatedly requested that no one send gifts to little king-in-training, but on one trip abroad his royal cuteness reportedly received over 700 gifts, noted London's Telegraph. Most of them truly strange for a child to receive.

I mean, I don't know how many rare animal pelts or custom, handcrafted surfboards that I owned at 18 months of age, but I'm pretty sure the answer was not "multiple."

Combing through the official "Royal Gift List" is a bit like looking into a funhouse inventory filled by a very wealthy and eccentric hoarder, and it's actually quite a lot of fun. Note that many of these actually never get to the prince. They're donated or housed in the royal coffers, according to reports. Also, while he has received some bananas gifts, mostly he gets things like books and stuffed animals, which make a heck of a lot more sense.


A Cottage On Wheels

Oh, so you thought the battery operated Barbie Big Wheels you had when you were 5 was kick a*s? It doesn't have anything on the £18,000 cottage on freaking wheels that The Telegraph reported George received to while away the days on his estate in Highgrove. It's not motorized, and it's basically like a very dull camper van, but holy crap, that's a ton of money.


A Possum Skin Cloak

Two things on this one: first, possums have the weirdest feet in all of the animal kingdom. This is important for no other reason than they need to be seen. Second, my kids don't even like to wear regular jumpers, so a possum skin cloak is going to be a hard sell on picture day.


Amphibious Boat

According to financial reports, this boat was given in Aukland, New Zealand, and I certainly hope they wait until Price George can see above the windshield before they let him steer it.


Sheepskin Boots

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Having worn several pairs of Ugg brand sheepskin boots myself, I give this gift a solid B+. A bit pricey for a little one, but this guy's going to be king. I imagine that he could sneeze into £20 notes, and no one would blink twice.


Polo Mallet

Sure, it's a toy polo mallet, but giving a kid what is essentially a wooden weapon seems a little bit dangerous to me. I predict many a broken plant pot and slammed toes.


Personalized Skateboard

I desperately wanted my own personalized skateboard as a kid, so I'm terribly jealous of Prince George for getting his own courtesy of the Northern Sound System studios in Australia so early in his life. Granted, it was probably best I didn't receive one as I'm completely useless with balance and would've likely broken something crucial.


A Painting Of A Samurai

At his parents' visit to Japan, Prince George was gifted with a painting of a Samurai. My little brother would've thought this was especially cool, so I'm guessing he did as well. What little kid doesn't think that samurais are boss as heck?


Personalized Surfboard

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Hang ten, Prince George.

Getting a personalized surfboard not long after you learn to walk would intimidate most, but I imagine Prince George taking it in stride, and perhaps on holiday to the coast of France.