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7 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Prince George's School Rules

It's back-to-school season for everybody, even young members of the British Royal Family. The return to books, structure, and classroom rules applies to just about all kids. But the things we can learn from Prince George's school rules may be more than a little enlightening for your own family.

Prince George attends Thomas's Battersea, a private family-run institution in London, as noted in The Telegraph. Basically, kindness is everything. "The most important school rule, which applies to every member of the school community, is to ‘Be Kind,'" according to the school's list of aims and values. In fact, there appears to be a strong focus on character development overall.

Of course, if you're at all familiar with the rules and policies of Thomas's Battersea, it's probably the school's take on best friends. "There are signs everywhere saying 'Be kind,' that's the ethos of the school," said Jane Moore on the British talk show Loose Women, according to Insider. "They don't encourage you to have best friends." Although this may sound harsh, it looks like the policy is in place to discourage any students from feeling excluded. It's less about breaking up close friends and more about, say, making sure the entire class is invited to a birthday party.

But this is just the beginning of the rules and policies at Thomas's Battersea. Read on to learn all about the lessons Prince George is learning, too.



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Courtesy is a big deal at this renowned British institution. In fact, students are instructed to hold the door open for adults, as noted on the school's website. It's a little gesture of civility that goes a long way.



How often is the lesson of humility taught to super young kids? Students are encouraged to be aware of their advantages in life and be grateful for them, as explained on Thomas's Battersea's list of aims and values.



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In addition to managing their own books and homework, students at Thomas's Battersea are also expected to become responsible for their own learning. This means students are encouraged to use the resources at their disposal to learn more about any subject of interest.



Overall, students are encouraged to become "givers, not takers" and use their skills for the benefit of others, as noted by the Thomas's Battersea website.



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Sure, most every school makes some mention about student leadership, but this institution has a different take on it. In this case, leadership means standing up for what you believe is right, or being the first person to come to another's aid, as explained by the Thomas's Battersea website.



Showing basic respect for one another is a common rule at most schools. But this institution takes things a little further. At Prince George's school, students are expressly told to respect the different beliefs and viewpoints of others, according to the the Thomas's Battersea website.


Be Kind

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OK, so this isn't the most unusual school rule. But students are encouraged to support and listen to one another, as well as celebrate (and not just tolerate) differences, according to the Thomas's Battersea website. Honestly, that sounds like a great lifetime rule for just about anyone.