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Prince Harry Adorably Thanked Some Horses After Announcing His Son's Birth

The Duke of Sussex is known for his humor, a sentiment he displayed when talking to reporters about the birth of his son on Monday, May 6. Not only did Prince Harry announce Meghan Markle giving birth in front of some horses (there's a stable on the property), but he also thanked the sweet animals for being there. Needless to say, Twitter thinks the moment is hilarious and very on-brand for the new dad.

As Markle rested with the couple's new baby, whose name hasn't been released at the time of this writing, Prince Harry took a moment to speak with reporters outside of his home (aka Frogmore Cottage) about the special delivery. But instead of choosing a formal location to have the conversation, the Duke of Sussex chatted with journalists in front of a horse stable.

The scene was iconic, to put it mildly, with a casually dressed Prince Harry delivering the news as two black horses chilled in the background. The animal lover in me found the scene really cute, but the rational side of me was a tad confused. Out of all of the places to deliver the announcement, the Duke of Sussex decided to set up shop in front of a horse stable? Not that I'm complaining, of course, I just think the choice is incredibly amusing.

Twitter had a similar reaction to the clip, especially given Prince Harry's thanking of the horses at the end. Yep, he literally paid homage to the animals after he was done with his speech, saying, "thanks, guys." The best part? He said it with an adorable chuckle.

"Prince Harry was so flustered by the birth of his son that he thanked the horses standing behind him," one commenter tweeted about the funny and precious clip.

Someone else said: "Prince Harry thanking the horses behind him after announcing his sons birth is a mood."

Someone else said: "Prince Harry is so funny! He thanks the horses before he walks away from the interview..... lol."

Another fan gushed: "I live for prince harry saying 'thanks guys' to the horses!!!!!!"

"Okay but why did prince harry announce the birth of his first son in front of two horses," one person joked.

A supporter penned: "Prince Harry thanking the horses has given me life."

"Prince harry saying thank you to the horses that helped announce the #royalbaby is the actual cutest. I love him so much."

If you've followed Prince Harry throughout the years, there's a good chance you aren't surprised that horses played a role in the birth announcement of his son. The Duke of Sussex seems to really enjoy horses, spending time with the comforting animals whenever he gets the chance.

Back in February, for example, Prince Harry and Markle took a tour of Morocco's "developing program of supporting children with special needs through equine therapy," during which they "attended a horse grooming session with some of the children before watching a riding demonstration and meeting trainers," according to People.

The couple also used a horse-drawn carriage for their May 2018 wedding, according to Business Insider.

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I'm not sure what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have up their sleeves for Baby Sussex's formal introduction, but fingers crossed it involves the couple's beloved horses. I don't know about you guys, but I need more videos of Prince Harry thanking horses in my life.