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Prince Harry Helping Meghan Markle With Her Hair Will Make You Involuntarily Swoon — VIDEO

There was a collective swoon Thursday morning as a video hit the internet of Prince Harry helping Meghan Markle with her hair. With the grooming regimen the duchess undoubtedly goes through every time she appears in public, it could have been a near-disaster. But the prince’s kind heart and quick hands stepped in to save the moment and, in doing so, proved he’s as perfect as everyone suspected.

The moment took place at the duchess' first official speaking engagement, according to Entertainment Tonight. The video posted to Twitter by Chris Ship, an ITV royal news editor, shows the moment when a wind gust caught Markle’s hair and tossed it into the air. Don’t we all know that feeling of realizing our hair is standing straight out from our head and we have no idea how it’s going to settle?

Markle’s locks seemed to have hit Prince Harry in the face as he stepped back and she turned to smile at him. After waiting a moment for the wind to settle, the prince ran his hands down across his wife’s hair, smoothing it into the sleek look she was sporting.

Fans of the couple (and aren't we all?) are having a bit of a moment trying to process the sweet gesture.

Markle was at the event to support the launch of a new cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook, according to Entertainment Tonight. The book was a joint project with the Hubb Community Kitchen, which was a charity that grew out of the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire, according to the Royal Foundation. (The Foundation is the charitable organization founded by Prince Harry, Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton, as the site explained.)

In the wake of the fire, a “group of local women gathered together to cook fresh food for their families and neighbours. Over the chatter and aroma of the kitchen they found that cooking and eating together can create connections, restore hope and normality, and provide a sense of home,” according to the Royal Foundation.

Markle gave her first speech at the event Thursday, speaking eloquently and gracefully, without notes, as People reported. She thanked the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen for welcoming her when she first arrived in London, and congratulated them on their diversity. A portion of the speech was captured and posted to Twitter by royal watcher Omid Scobie:

Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, was also in attendance at the event, as she flew in from Los Angeles earlier in the week, according to People. She can be seen in photos alongside Prince Harry, who gazed at his wife with such evident pride and adoration.

The cookbook was an idea Markle came up with when she first visited the Hubb Community Kitchen and learned that they were only open two days a week, according to Harper’s Bazaar. The Kitchen’s coordinator, Zaharia Ghaswala, told the magazine that Markle was “fascinated with all the flavors, the cultures, and the dishes.” She mentioned that a cookbook would be a great idea and jumped into action to secure a publisher. “The proceeds [of the book] will allow the kitchen to stay open and thrive so it can continue transforming lives and communities through cooking,” Markle said in today’s speech, according to E! News.

Together: Our Community Cookbook is available for preorder now and is already a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

Congratulations to Markle on this special achievement and also to Prince Harry for proving, once again, that he is a true prince.