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Prince Harry Has Just Been Named Godfather To His Royal Cousin's Daughter

In case you hadn't heard the news, Prince Harry has an important new title. On Sunday, Meghan Markle and the Duke of Sussex joined the Queen for the christening of Zara Tindall's daughter over the weekend, according to People, during which it became official: Prince Harry was named godfather to his cousin's baby girl, just weeks before he becomes a father himself.

Prince Harry was seen outside St. Nicholas Church in Cherington, Gloucestershire where, according to the Daily Mail, 9-month-old Lena Tindall was christened. According to the outlet, the infant was seen in dad Mike Tindall's arms, wearing a gown similar to those sported by cousins Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis at their respective christenings.

Though Prince Harry wasn't pictured by the media with Lena, nor were many details about the ceremony made public, Rev. Dr. Gerald South, the priest in charge of the ceremony, did tell Daily Mail it was a "lovely" service.

It's unclear what the Duke of Sussex's relationship with Lena and the other Tindall children is like, but the fact that he's been named godfather would imply that it's somewhat special. In fact, according to The Independent, it's a godparent's job to keep a child connected to their faith and it also means that person may be responsible for the child should something happen to their parents, though this is mostly an outdated practice.

Regardless, the fact that Prince Harry has reportedly been selected to carry this honor for Tindall's child seems to be a clear sign that little Lena's parents are confident in the royal's abilities to raise a child, which will be put to practice very, very soon.

In fact, his wife Meghan Markle, who was seen by Prince Harry's side at the ceremony, is due to give birth to the couple's first child in a matter of weeks. Markle's attendance was a bit of a shock to the public, as Buckingham Palace recently confirmed that she had no more public engagements scheduled in the weeks leading up to the birth of her baby, according to ELLE. Lena's christening, however, was technically a private family event, as Cosmopolitan noted.

It's not entirely shocking that Prince Harry was chosen to be a godparent, as he is already a godfather to several other children, according to Cosmopolitan. Prince Harry holds this role for Zalie Warren, Florence van Custem, and Jasper Dyer, all of whom were in Markle's bridal party, according to Harper's Bazaar.

Prince Harry has even spoken publicly about the honor in the past, revealing on The Telegraph's podcast Mad World in 2017 that he spends a lot of time playing with his godchildren. "I think the key to that is to grow up, but also to be able to stay in touch with your childhood side. If that means going to someone's house and sitting there and playing PlayStation and kicking the a** of their son on or whatever it is, then I'll try and do that," Prince Harry said on the podcast at the time.

In just a few short years Prince Harry will be able to beat his own child, or children, at PlayStation games, or whatever system has been invented by then. It's clear he's ready to be promoted from godfather, and uncle, to father, and I for one can't wait to see the transition. He's going to be a great dad.