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Prince Harry Joking That He Had No Idea Meghan Markle Is Pregnant Is Too Funny

They are two of the most closely-watched celebrities in the world, but all the media attention doesn't stop these royals from poking a little fun at each other and their fame. Prince Harry jokingly acted surprised about Meghan Markle's pregnancy because this couple is somehow still so fun and normal.

As reported by the UK's Good to Know magazine, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (that's Harry and Meghan to friends) were in Morocco on an official visit to the country — which logically might be Markle's last big trip before having the couple's first child in the spring — when Harry showed his trademark habit of not taking royal pomp and circumstance too seriously.

The couple were meeting with educators at a girls' school during the three-day tour, added Harper's Bazaar, when one of the staffers congratulated the royals on the baby-to-be. "What, you’re pregnant?’" Harry said, turning to Meghan in mock surprise. Then he added the real kicker: "'Is it mine?"

Ha ha, Harry. Funny stuff for a dad-to-be who has practically every waking moment monitored by the press. Clearly, the prince hasn't let his station in life take away his sense of the absurd.

Markle, by the way, is not a total slouch at being funny herself: According to Good to Know, she guffawed at her husband's pregnancy jokes before poking fun at the length of time it's been since she herself was a student while touring the same school's classrooms.

But that's just what I love about this couple.

Harry and Meghan, who Harper's Bazaar added, also got a traditional good luck blessing in the form of a henna ceremony while on their trip — in addition to nuzzling local ponies while at an equestrian center — refuse to become stuffy. They seem to get that theirs is a privileged position, rather than one to bemoan.

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For example, notice how Markle seemed to take it all in stride after getting attacked in the press for having a lavish baby shower.

(Page Six reported, for example, that the Palace might have been horrified at the fact that celebrities, including Amal Clooney and Serena Williams, were throwing an obviously dazzling (and highly publicized) event for Meghan at a fancy schmancy New York hotel. Evidently a total royal no-no.)

I get the idea of discretion and all for royals trying to keep a low, non-braggy profile, but after all, Meghan is American.

NBC's Today reported that baby showers are a bigger thing here than across the pond, which might help explain why such an event would be more important to Markle as a first-time mom than, say, sister-in-law Kate Middleton, a native Brit.

Also, in my opinion, the new Duchess seems to be doing things pretty well and has fit in smoothly... isn't there a little room for variation, as in just one baby shower back in the U.S. with friends?

(According to Britain's Express newspaper, the answer is pretty much no, and that the Queen doesn't encourage lavish private celebrations like that. Oh, well.)

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At least Meghan did get to celebrate her impending motherhood with good friends, including fashion stylist BFF Jessica Mulroney, and Suits co-star Abigail Spencer, according to Harper's Bazaar. The magazine noted that Markle had all the flower arrangements from her soirée donated to local charities after the fact. So there.)

If the Sussexes have, in fact, made waves with the family, I am sure everyone will move forward. Especially once this sure-to-be gorgeous baby arrives. In the meantime, the couple will always have each other... and a slightly wicked sense of humor that they seem to share.