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Prince Harry Adorably Reveals Archie Is Getting “So Big”

As a general rule of thumb, the royal family tends to keep things vague when it comes to personal details about their lives. Which makes sense. Prince William and Prince Harry have both expressed a desire for their children to lead relatively normal lives away from the public eye, at least while they're still kids, that is. With this in mind, it's always a big deal when a member of the royal family does offer information about one of the royal children. And Prince Harry's baby Archie update is a reminder that this guy is growing up so, so quickly.

On Thursday, the Duke of Sussex paid a visit to the Rugby Football Union all school program at Lealands High School in Luton, Bedfordshire when a young girl asked him how things were going with Archie. "He is really well, thanks," Prince Harry responded. "He is getting so big." The exchanged was shared via Instagram on a royal fan account.

The first child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was born on May 6, which means Archie is already 4 months old. (Can you believe it?) It's possible the young royal might be close to babbling syllables like, "mama" and "dada," according to Baby Center, although he won't yet associate these "words" with his parents at this stage of development.

I swear, it seems like it was just yesterday that Prince Harry was beaming in front of the cameras while announcing his wife had delivered a healthy baby boy. “It’s been the most amazing experience I could ever have possibly imagined,” the overjoyed new father said at the time, according to Forbes. “How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension. But we’re both absolutely thrilled. We’re both absolutely thrilled and so grateful for all the love and support from everybody out there. It’s been amazing, so we just wanted to share this with everybody.”

During his first-ever baby Archie update, Prince Harry also revealed that his son was slightly overdue. He ended the adorable press conference by saying: "Every baby is amazing but this little thing is absolutely to die for. I’m over the moon!"

So when might fans get their next glimpse or update of baby Archie? Considering Prince Harry's birthday is Sunday, Sept. 15, I wouldn't be surprised if the royal baby made an appearance on Instagram alongside the Duke of Sussex. I'm thinking the Prince Harry might pop onto their Instagram account with an adorable, recent photograph of father and son — along with a touching tribute on his 35th birthday.

After all, that's what Markle did back in June. "Happy Father’s Day! And wishing a very special first Father’s Day to The Duke of Sussex!" she wrote alongside a black-and-white shot of Archie grabbing Prince Harry's finger.

Whether or not royal fans get another Archie update in honor of Prince Harry's birthday on Sunday, the Duke of Sussex's candid sentiments about his son on Thursday were a happy surprise. Because let's face it: Once there's a royal baby involved, all other life updates come secondary.