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Prince William *May* Have Hinted At Royal Baby No. 3's Sex, Thanks To This Little Joke

by Casey Suglia

The arrival of the next royal baby could come any day now. Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are awaiting the arrival of their third child and people could not be more excited for this. People are especially anxious for the baby to get here because there is so much that is left unknown about the baby's sex or what they plan on naming the baby. But during a recent appearance, it looks like Prince William might have hinted at baby number three's sex, making the baby's impending arrival all the more anticipated.

Prince William is no stranger to making dad jokes — the father of two (with one on the way) has likely already adopted that humor that it seems is instilled in men the moment they become fathers. So, of course, Prince William had to make a dad joke during an appearance at a football match (or as people in the United States call it, soccer) at Villa Park on Tuesday, according to the Daily Mail.

During the match, midfielder Jack Grealish scored a "spectacular" point for his team, according to The Mirror, which Prince William was reportedly more than impressed by — impressed enough to make a joke about naming his next child in honor of the player. "I'm going to insist the baby is called Jack," Prince William reportedly said, according to The Mirror, before adding a pause. "...or Jackie."

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While it is clear that Prince William was making a joke, you have to wonder what prompted him to say the boy's name, first. If you're a fan of speculation, this could be because the baby's sex is fresh on his mind. Although some people on Twitter don't seem to agree that Prince William announced the baby's sex or that the baby will actually be named Jack (or Jackie).

Fan reactions aside, Prince William's joke hits a little too close to home for those who are obsessed with the royal family and keeping a close watch on the arrival of the royal baby. Especially since it is likely that Prince William knows a lot more about the baby's sex than he is letting on and, according to Elle, it is possible that Middleton could give birth at any point between now and the end of April. It must be mentioned that fans are speculating that Middleton is expecting a boy, too, according to The Cut, after she wore a lot of blue during this pregnancy. Could mean something or could (most likely) mean nothing, but, as they tend to do, fans have their theories.

But at the same time, it could be possible that Prince William has no clue what his baby's sex will be until he or she arrives. It has been reported that Prince William and Middleton did not ask about their baby's anatomy during routine check ups, according to the Daily Mail. So the joke that he made during the match could very well just be his definition of dad humor and not a way to tease fans or brag about how much knowledge he has. He could easily be just as unsure as everyone else.

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What is certain is that it's not likely that Prince William will actually name his next child Jack or Jackie (dad humor strikes again). Bets placed have the name Mary as the front runner if Middleton were to give birth to a girl, according to The Independent, and Edward as the name for a future boy. Although Jack or Jackie might have to make their way up that list thanks to Prince William's comments.

Whether he was serious or just joking, Prince William should know that royal fans are officially on #RoyalBabyWatch now. But everything will be confirmed soon enough.

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