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Prince William's Father's Day Message Is An Important Read For All Dads


Modern dads are taking ownership of all sorts of parenting duties that might have been out of the question just a few years ago. From full-time, stay-at-home parenting to baby-wearing to rocking the diaper bag around town, there's no denying today's fathers are more involved in their kids' lives than ever before. That's why Prince William's Father's Day message is important for all dads to read, because kids' mental health deserves parents' attention just as much as their physical health.

Prince William, his brother Prince Harry, and his wife Princess Kate Middleton have joined forces to support Heads Together, an organization in the U.K. dedicated to bringing attention to mental health issues and removing some of the stigma to encourage people to seek help. And William, whose new title is the Duke of Cambridge, wrote a Father's Day editorial encouraging dads to take an active role in nurturing their children's mental health, according to Us:

And Heads Together released a video on Father's Day featuring the Duke:

Heads Together on YouTube

How can parents start to engage with their kids about mental health? According to Prince William, an important first step is to just "take a moment and ask their children how they are doing."

The Heads Together organization also issued a broader challenge to fathers to get involved with their kids' mental well being by releasing a quickie questionnaire to help dads and kids ask each other about their feelings. Questions like: "If your dad is feeling sad or down, what makes them feel better?" or "What makes your dad cheer up?" They are simple questions meant to get fathers and their kids to start getting comfortable opening up and talking about their feelings.

Heads Together also recognized that Father's Day can be a difficult time for those who have lost their dads, and the organization provided links to resources that can help anyone who is feeling sad or lonely.

Prince William continued his Father's Day letter with a pretty shocking statistic.

Getting more fathers in the game of accessing and dealing with their feelings — a quality all people should have, not just mothers — and setting a good example for their kids sounds like an excellent way to celebrate Father's Day.