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Prince William's Father's Day Post Has Some People Upset

by Casey Suglia

Prince William celebrated his fifth Father's Day on Sunday, so he's pretty much a seasoned professional when it comes to enjoying the day all about him. The father of three clearly takes the day seriously. But, Prince William's Father's Day post is sparking some controversy, for a few silly reasons. Seriously, people need to leave the father alone on his day to enjoy himself.

On Sunday, Kensington Palace shared a super simple post on the day meant for honoring dads. In the post, Prince William can be seen with his youngest child, 1-year-old Prince Louis, looking surprised while Prince Louis sits on a rope swing, looking at his father with the cutest pouty expression on his face. In the following photo, Prince William stands next to his dad, Prince Charles, looking like they're on some very important business. These photos make sense in the grand scheme of things — one photo pays tribute to Prince William's current life as a father, while the other pays tribute to Prince William's own father.

But, some people had a problem with the simplicity of the post and the fact that the post only focuses on Prince William's youngest son, Prince Louis, and not his two older children with his wife, Kate Middleton — 4-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte and 5-year-old son, Prince George, according to USA Today.

They're very upset.

"Need a portrait of Prince William with three of his children," one commenter wrote.

"Why is only one son pictured with Prince William?," another commenter asked.

"Why only Louis? Why not George and Charlotte? They are the eldest children!," another commenter pointed out.

While they do have a point, getting upset about this just seems frivolous. Sure, it would have been lovely to see a brand new photo of Prince William with all three of his super adorable kids. But, everyone knows that Prince William has three kids that he loves so much. Excluding them from one small Father's Day post doesn't mean he's excluding them from his life in any way.

But this wasn't the only problem that followers had with the father's day post. People were unhappy that the post didn't feature a picture of Middleton's father, Michael Middleton, according to InTouch Weekly, and they were also upset that Middleton didn't get a Mother's Day post when it was held in the United Kingdom this year on March 31, according to The Sun.

But instead of focusing on the problems, people should focus on how sweet the post is. People should cut Prince William some slack — after all, it is his fifth Father's Day and second with three kids. He's well aware how much his kids mean to him at this point.

Prince William has stated time and time again how fatherhood has changed him and how much he loves being a dad, even if it comes with a price, according to Hello!. "I'm a lot more emotional than I used to be," Prince William said of fatherhood in a 2016 interview, according to Hello!. "I never used to get too wound up or worried about things."

And on this Father's Day, Prince William reportedly took time with his kids to focus on them, not himself. Prince William reportedly took the day to privately spend some time with his family, according to People, instead of reading critical Instagram comments. No matter what Instagram commenters may think, one thing is certain — Prince William loves being a dad to all three of his young children.