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Princess Charlotte & Kate Middleton's Casual Day Out Is As Adorable As It Gets

When your mom is a duchess, it's expected that you be on your best behavior and act like a model kid. But what if your mom is actually as awesome and fun out of her tiara, when she is just hanging out for a casual day? That looks like the lucky scenario for the young Cambridge kids. Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton had a family day out, and the mom-daughter bond is strong with these two.

As People reported, the Duchess of Cambridge joined Prince William and Prince George to meet up with William's cousin Zara Tindall and her family for a fun day at the Burnham Market international horse trials in Norfolk, near the William and Kate's country estate, Amner Hall.

(Hello! Canada noted that little Prince Louis was absent from the event, likely chilling at home with royal nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. It's hard to go on family fun days when you are not big enough to sit on your parents' shoulders like your siblings, I would think, right?)

As People reported, one of the cutest parts of the day was the clear affection between Charlotte, 3, and Kate, who gave the mini-royal a fun ride on her shoulders.

Hello! added that Zara, William's first cousin, was participating in the equestrian event, leaving husband Mike Tindall to watch their kids, who are close in age to the Cambridge clan. (Fun stuff! Having cousins the same age is the best!)

In fact, Mike joined in the day's casual spirit by giving Prince George a piggyback lift as well, the publication noted. (William had his goddaughter, Mia Tindall, on his shoulders, so the favor was returned, according to Hello!)

Cafe Mom noted the day in the sun for England's reigning family was another example of the normal parenting style this generation of royals has taken on. Anne Hathaway has even credited her best parenting hack to William and Kate, so clearly, these two are doing something right.

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William and Kate joke about parenting when they meet fans, and they really do seem to be in the same boat as the rest of us. Both royals discussed how hard it to be sleep-deprived with young children at home, and acknowledged the difficulties of breastfeeding, while visiting a nonprofit organization in Northern Ireland in March, according to a separate story from People.

As for Kate and Charlotte, it's clear even just from photos that the two girls in the family have a special relationship.

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When Kate took the kids to the park last June just like any other mom (well, okay, it was a polo match but, but still) Marie Claire reported she seemed to have an absolute ton of fun playing with Charlotte. The middle royal kid rolled in the grass, looked spectacularly adorable in junior-sized sunglasses, and sat on her mom's lap to get some snuggle time.

No doubt Kate is equally taken with the adorable Prince George and Prince Louis, but it's always nice to see famous mothers and daughters out and about, having fun together.

As a girl mom myself, there is nothing like special time with your little gals. I can't wait to what Charlotte and her mom do next... perhaps go visit a certain soon-to-be-born first cousin?