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Princess Charlotte Looked *Exactly* Like Her Mom In These Royal Wedding Photos

Princess Charlotte pretty much stole the show at Princess Eugenie's royal wedding on Friday with her super cute dress, adorable wave, and the way she expertly navigated the powerful wind at the wedding. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Princess Charlotte also stole the show during Princess Eugenie's royal wedding portraits — thanks to one move that she adopted from her mom, Kate Middleton. Seriously, Princess Charlotte was a mini-Kate in Princess Eugenie's wedding portraits due to her stealing one subtle, signature move from her mom.

Princess Charlotte might only be three years old, but she has proven herself to be quite the royal-in-training. From her behavior at the many weddings that she has been in over the past year, she has shown that she has what it takes to handle growing up in the public eye. But perhaps this was most apparent in the official portraits from Princess Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank on Friday.

In the photo, featuring the royal couple and their little helpers from the wedding, Princess Charlotte can be seen sitting down amongst the other eight bridesmaids and page boys. While all of the kids attempt to flash their best smiles, Princess Charlotte looks so composed sitting with her legs crossed and tilted towards the side.

But this is one move that she adopted from her mom, according to People, because Middleton practically invented what some people call the "Duchess Slant." This is exactly what Princess Charlotte did — crossing her legs at the ankles and turning them towards the side, according to Vogue Australia.

The "slant" was "unofficially invented" by Middleton a.k.a the Duchess of Cambridge, after she made the move one of her signature poses for events where she has to sit down for long periods of time, according to PopSugar. The pose is not only super prim and proper, but it also evokes a sense of modesty while wearing dresses, according toVogue Australia. And Princess Charlotte clearly has that move down — just look at that perfect crossing of the ankles.

This isn't the first time that Princess Charlotte has drawn comparisons to Middleton. Princess Charlotte has the same sense of style as her mom, according to Insider, and bears a striking resemblance to her in old family photos, according to PopSugar. Her natural resemblance to her mom, on top of her using the "Duchess Slant" on Friday only proves that Princess Charlotte is a mini-me of her mom. Like mother, like daughter.

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But this isn't the first time that Princess Charlotte has mimicked a royal either.

In June, Princess Charlotte perfectly copied Queen Elizabeth II's (also known as her great-grandmother) royal wave during the Trooping of the Color, according to Harper's Bazaar. In a video, taken from the event, Princess Charlotte can be seen watching the Queen wave to onlookers at the event. After observing for a few seconds, Princess Charlotte then tried the royal wave herself. Although it wasn't nearly as perfect as the Queen's wave, this video showed that Princess Charlotte is always observing and ready to get this whole "being born into royalty" thing down pat.

The good news is, Princess Charlotte has quite a few years ahead of her before she adopts the same official royal calendar as her mom. And for now, according to the Express, her official appearances are limited to events like weddings and the occasional official family outing (such as the Trooping of the Color or her younger brother's christening).

So, until then, Princess Charlotte can perfect her wave and her "Duchess Slant." But it won't take long for her to do that — her appearance in Princess Eugenie's wedding portraits proved that she is an expert at this kind of thing.