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Princess Charlotte Will Go By A *Very* Simple Name At School

by Casey Suglia

When Princess Charlotte heads back to school this week, just like every other kid her age, she won't necessarily get the royal treatment. In spite of her being a member of the United Kingdom's royal family, Princess Charlotte will be just another student. It's not surprising that Princess Charlotte will go by a specific name at school that doesn't have to do with her official royal title.

Princess Charlotte will officially join her older brother, Prince George, at Thomas's Battersea on Thursday, Sept. 5., according to Cosmopolitan, which could not be any more exciting. As Princess Charlotte heads into her first official year of schooling (she previously attended nursery school starting in January 2018, according to Glamour), there are some things that will change. Instead of being referred to as "Princess Charlotte", "Princess", or "Your Royal Highness" by her classmates and teachers, Princess Charlotte will go by two different alternatives, according to Cosmopolitan.

While at school, Princess Charlotte will reportedly be known as "Charlotte", according to People. It's that simple. Her classmates will just call her by her first name, like every other one of their peers — even if Princess Charlotte is just a little unlike them. And when it comes time to calling her by her first and last name, Princess Charlotte will reportedly go by the name "Charlotte Cambridge", according to People.

Cambridge is ticked onto her name because her father, Prince William, holds the official title of Duke of Cambridge. So, Princess Charlotte will take her last name from her father's title, just like Prince William did when he started school, according to People. Prince George has already tried on the last name for size. When Prince George started school in 2017, it was confirmed that he would go by "George Cambridge", according to Elle. It's a simple and effective way at addressing both royals.

There will be a lot to look forward to when Princess Charlotte heads to school on Thursday — more specifically, the photo opportunities that it will bring. Kensington Palace confirmed to Us Weekly last week that both of her parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, will accompany her to her first day of school. As if this wasn't exciting enough, "there will be unofficial school portraits from Charlotte and George's first day," according to Us Weekly.

This means that royal family fans will get to see brand new portraits of the first two Cambridge siblings. Their younger brother, Prince Louis, will have to wait a year or so when he turns two years old to officially starts nursery school and be a part of these photo ops, according to Town & Country.

If people are excited to see these new photos, then Princess Charlotte is just as excited about her new start. Middleton reportedly told onlookers during an engagement in June that Princess Charlotte is "very excited to join her big brother" at school, according to the Daily Mail. There's a good reason why she could be so ready — her school sounds like so much fun. Students at Thomas's Battersea get a "rounded education" and reportedly get to participate in activities like fencing, gardening, philosophy, and pottery, according to the Daily Mail.

From the sounds of it, Princess Charlotte will kick off the school year right, thanks in part to her brother (and parents) being by her side.