Psy's New "Daddy" Video Features Some New, Weird Dance Moves For You To Try, & They're Better Than "Gangnam Style"

Can you believe it’s been over three years since “Gangnam Style” took the world by storm? It seems like just yesterday that everyone was doing that weird horsey dance at every wedding reception on Earth. I hope you’re over it, though, because Psy is back with a brand new video, “Daddy,” and you’re going to be recreating his new moves for the foreseeable future. Or, at least trying to. Maybe Darrin’s Dance Grooves will make a comeback to help us out?

The video features three generations of Psy; he plays a baby and father in the beginning, and later plays the precocious tot that baby grows into, as well as his grandpa. It’s like those Eddie Murphy movies from the '90s, only much, much funnier. Watch as Psy Junior slays all the little girls (and one teacher) with his smooth moves. Experience the anguish that comes from a whole family sharing a single bathroom. There’s also a tango situation, which I guess is Psy’s way of telling us that he’d be interested in a turn on Dancing With the Stars if his career ever fails. It’s a lot to take in, so I’ll break it down for you, dance step by dance step.

Slay 'Em With Sexy

While I do not condone actual children pretending to shoot at kill each other with sexiness at school (for so, so many reasons), this seems pretty fun for adults. All you need is 10 or 20 friends to play along, and a hallway full of body pillows, which I'm sure you already own.

Air Splits

Just be sure to stick the landing and finish it off the way Psy does, with a hair swipe, rather than the way I did, which was by Googling "inner thigh muscle tear."

Flappy Hands

This one looks simple enough, and the lower you squat, the better your butt will look. Call it twerking's classy cousin.

The Floor Is Lava And My Back Itches

If you can come up with a better description than that, I'd love to hear it.

The Floor Is Still Lava, Now Look At My Crotch

A slight variation, in case the original isn't sexual enough for your taste.

The Family Jam

I'm totally showing this to my husband and son when they get home to try to convince them to dance with me. They will probably tell me to get the hell out of here with that nonsense, but I think it looks really fun. I call the Psy in the Middle!

Seagull In Da Club

Have you ever been at the club when a drunk seagull who thinks he's hot sh*t tries to walk up and talk to you? And he's all, "I've got some oysters back at my place, what are you doing later?" And you're like, "How many of these have I had, because I think I'm talking to a seagull right now?" That's what this move reminds me of.

Boogaloo Tornado

Become a force of nature. Maybe wear a helmet, though.

Images: officialpsy/YouTube, Giphy (8)